Further Information

Choice of trainee presenter

  • A trainee presenter will still be eligible for a non-consultant prize even if appointed to a consultant post after submitting the abstract.
  • Supervisors are strongly urged to ensure that the nominated presenter of each submitted abstract will be available at the time of the meeting. Should completely unforeseen circumstances necessitate a change of presenter after the submission deadline, the new presenter should be a trainee and fellow author. If this is impossible, please consult the OAA Secretariat.

Review and Acceptance

Abstracts are peer-reviewed anonymously by an expert panel using the following criteria:

Each assessor will use a scoring system (0-5) for each of the following:

  • Originality/interest
  • Relevance/importance to obstetric anaesthesia
  • Quality of presentation
  • Methodology including statistics where appropriate (power, randomisation/ blinding, descriptive terms, tests) and limitation of conclusions to those supported by the data presented

Assessors’ scores are then aggregated. Any member of the panel who is an author on a particular abstract will not score that abstract, an alternative assessor will mark the abstract. Abstract selection is based on aggregated scores.



A list of accepted abstracts for oral and poster presentation will be posted on this website during the week stated together with instructions for presentation.



All abstracts selected for oral presentation and the best of those for poster presentation will be published in the International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia (IJOA) . Abstracts should not have been published (or accepted for publication) elsewhere, either as an abstract or full paper in a journal or website. This does not preclude presentation at another meeting, so long as the abstract has not been published. If the full paper has been accepted by a journal, it must not be published (in print or on-line) before this abstract is presented. Please seek advice from the OAA if uncertain. If the abstract has been presented at another meeting, it is not necessary to state this in the abstract, but it must be stated during oral presentation or included on the poster. This does not preclude publication as a full paper at a later date.



  • The panel will consist of three judges for oral presentations and three for posters. These have traditionally been from the organising committee, the SOAP President or representative and guest speakers.
  • Judges will be sent the abstracts in advance of the meeting.
  • Criteria for judging are the same as for acceptance. In addition, the ability to answer questions will be considered.
  • In judging the quality of presentation of posters, it is the content and not the level of sophistication of their printing/production that is relevant.
  • Chairmen are encouraged to be supportive and helpful to the investigators (especially non-consultants) whenever possible. Aggressive questioning is to be discouraged; the emphasis should be on improving the work for eventual publication rather than destructive criticism.
  • A time and place will be identified at the meeting for the judges to confer.


Award of Prizes

Prizes will be awarded and certificates will be issued to all prize winners after the meeting.