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Thursday 14 May 2020: 16.30 - 17.45 ePoster Presentations (by board and slot)

Board No 1: Pick of the Posters

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57111OBS Cymru: a health economic evaluationM Dale, S Bell, C Scarr, R Collis, K James, G Carolan-Rees, P Collins
57972The Cappuccini test in obstetrics - what can we learn?J Fletcher, C Kenyon
57393TEG6s CFF can rapidly detect low Clauss fibrinogen during postpartum haemorrhageT Roberts, L DeLloyd, J Freyer, L Purser, P Collins, R Collis
57734Educational requirements for appropriate delivery of the enhanced maternal competencies framework D Chambers, L Smith, D Verma
68185Cell salvage: what are we missing?SM Pooley, TE Baumer, G Picton, JL Stevens
68406Haemoglobin drop in non-obese and obese women following major postpartum haemorrhageB Price, T Roberts, S Bell, R Collis, L De Lloyd
57127Antenatal anaemia in women refusing blood productsRA Ojo, JA Pickett, ME Jones
57708Peripartum hyponatraemia: improving awareness and accurate fluid balance monitoring through a multidisciplinary education programmeL A Iles, T A Tanqueray, G Blum
68709Predicting epidural space depth in an obstetric population using patient demographicsGPR Sutherland, M Shaw, MA Broom
693510Baseline blood pressure at emergency caesarean section during labour: which reading?DGP Luther, S Scholes, N Wharton, SM Kinsella

Board No 2: Blood Matters

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57261Managing anaemia in pregnancy, can we do better?N Clark, A Turnbull, KW Tan
68622Identifying pregnant patients at risk of iron deficiency anaemiaA Turnbull, N Clark, KW Tan
68903Blood product usage during major obstetric haemorrhage in a Scottish tertiary referral centre before and after implementation of a ROTEM coagulation monitoring algorithmF Harding, E Stewart, S Thompson
57024Alloimmunization following obstetric intraoperative cell salvage - is it a problem?V Bell, C Laxton
57845OBS Cymru complex intervention facilitates early assessment and improved outcomes during major postpartum haemorrhageT Roberts, L De Lloyd, S Bell, D James, M Bray, A Ridgeway, P Collins, R Collis
57986Reduction of blood transfusion in parturients after introduction of an intravenous iron infusion service S Solai Dhanashekaran, D Muthuswamy, Z Kotyra, M Sadek, KK Ramaswamy, S Soltanifar
58157Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the context of postpartum haemorrhage in South WalesE Powell, J Tozer, R Volk
69348Post WOMAN trial: Re-audit of tranexamic acid use in postpartum haemorrhageARD Field, RA Ojo, JH Bamber
68199Massive obstetric haemorrhage: a bloody wasteCA Armstrong, HS Smyth, YZ Nawaz
580010Transfusion during massive obstetric haemorrhage: beware the haemoglobin transfusion triggersE Thomas, T Roberts, S Bell, R Collis, L De Lloyd

Board No 3: High-Risk Pregnancy

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57691Obesity in obstetrics: a 'growing' concernCL Armstrong, S Marcus, C Bryson
57662Managing obstetric patients with mitral valve disease in a tertiary centreR Black, K Bruce-Hickman, O Glesa
57833Obstetric and fetal outcomes in morbidly obese parturients in a London tertiary centreJH Lee, N Nguyen-Lu
57964Evaluation of planned and actual mode of delivery for patients attending a tertiary cardiac antenatal clinicL Stacey, L De Lloyd, H Francis, H Wallis, M Adamson
69765Aspiring for excellence - single centre management of placenta accreta spectrumN Akhtar, S Dinesh, P Karkhanis, I Ahmed, S Irani
58146The influence of maternal body mass index on anaesthetic and surgical times for caesarean delivery: a large, single centre, observational studyS Lawrence, E Malacova, D C Reutens, D J Sturgess
69047A six-year review of obstetric operative activity referred to a tertiary university hospital from a stand-alone tertiary maternity hospitalR Kearsley, I Browne
57808Anaesthetic considerations in the morbidly obese parturient in a London tertiary centreJH Lee, N Nguyen-Lu
68449Morbid obesity and caesarean section: increasing the anaesthetic challenge.J Critchley, F Denison, N Lone, A Wise
684110Maternal and neonatal outcomes in pregnant women with mechanical prosthetic valves-a retrospective database analysisP Sceales, N Al-Sakini, R Mercaldi, P Odor, S Bampoe, F Walker

Board No 4: Enhanced Maternal Care

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57001Major obstetric haemorrhage and transfusion practice at a large acute district general hospitalA Garland, A Dobru, C Pritchett, C J Ralph
68582'Zeroing' the training gap in maternal critical careC Armstrong, J Eastwood, S Marcus, J Wilkinson
68513Data collection in enhanced maternal care - Do we finally have a workable solution? B Wilkinson, H Kemp, H Farrow, S Winfield, R Musgrave, S Harris, D Horner
69414Dual Care management in the perinatal period: a programme to deliver maternal critical care with minimal impact on resourcesL Carlson-Hedges, S Cantellow
68975Maternal enhanced care: better with or without baby on board?G McCreath, J Gardner, K Slade, N Logan, K Litchfield
69156Obstetric high dependency units - staffing, training, and then there's babyJA Livesey, A Wise
69117Obstetric high dependency data collection - a Scottish perspectiveJA Livesey, P Smith, A Wise
68718A new high dependency unit requires a new approach to trainingJ Kielty, R Bowe, A O'Donoghue, K Sherlock, I Browne, T Tan, S Mac Colgain
70119Is qSOFA, quick sequential organ failure assessment, useful in obstetric patients?S Jamil, J Gardner, K Litchfield, K Slade, N Logan
696710Evaluation of admission of pregnant women to ICU directly from community in a DGH: a 10-year reviewJ Colfar, SD Singaravelu

Board No 5: Labour Analgesia

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57991Can epidural labour analgesia reduce the cesarean section rate?KK Ramaswamy, SS Solai Dhanashekaran, N Hooker, M Sadek, Z Kotyra
68612Spinal catheters after accidental dural puncture in epidurals for labour analgesia, more trouble than they're worth? D Adshead, H Harrison, F Roberts
57093Epidural analgesia and mode of delivery in 662 women receiving Syntocinon augmentation of labourAG Ray, R Sharp, M Kelsey, C Marsh
68534A qualitative study of trainee anaesthetists experiences of undergoing regional analgesia for labourHI Kemp, R Alder, S Yentis
68985Impact of standard operating procedures guided epidural labour analgesia programme: an interrupted time series analysisSB Panta, PR Bhattarai, A Sharma, U Basnet, R Khadka, K Pradhan
58046Remifentanil as a labour analgesic in parturients with heart disease – a tertiary centre reviewM Elriedy, K Bhatia
68427Epidural analgesia for labourSF Higgin, K Whitehouse
58068Introduction of a programmed intermittent epidural bolus with patient controlled epidural analgesia programme for labour analgesia in a tertiary maternity unit: comparison with continuous epidural infusionA Kelly, C Platt, M Entwhistle
68479Ease of spinal palpation in predicting the difficulty and failure rate of epidural placement in parturient womenIT Smith, V Karthikeyan, S Fludger
580210Successful trial of instrumental delivery and mode of anaesthesia: a two-centre two-year studyIT Rees, M Turner, NL Boyer, RGP Hughes

Board No 6: Caesarean section

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
69471Audit of management of glycaemic control in diabetic women undergoing elective caesarean section in a tertiary obstetric unitL Yarlett, SE Harries, SF Bell
57552No need for intraoperative diclofenac, with high-dose postoperative ibuprofenD Adshead, I Wrench, P Sawford
68793The efficacy of a simple analgesia regimen post caesarean section - is a change needed?J Wardlaw, C Hall, O Lubeigt, P Chua
68434A clinical evaluation of McGrath MAC videolaryngoscope in a tertiary obstetric unitJ Critchley, J McLenachan, N Alexander, K Theodosiou, A McNarry
68725Total intravenous anaesthesia for caesarean sectionMA Clayton, RL May, AL Richardson, DN Lucas
69866Post caesarean section analgesia: a five-year service evaluation following introduction of tramadolCM Routley, JF Lopes Vieira, T Blagova, C Papageorgiou
57377Prediction of post-spinal hypotension in caesarean section by using femoral vessel Doppler studies: a cross-sectional observational studyL Nair, E Johnson
57348Supporting mother / infant skin-to-skin contact in the operating theatre at planned caesarean delivery G Campbell, M White
70029Provision of trained recovery staff to provide postoperative obstetric care in a tertiary referral obstetric unit: audit guided quality improvementS Kanani, A Pillai
688410Stroke volume optimization using oesophageal Doppler monitor in women with preeclampsia during caesarean sectionT Ilic-Mostic, D Milenkovic, D Mostic Stanisic, J Gunjic

Board No 7: Complications

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
68141Are we achieving left lateral tilt for our patients undergoing caesarean section?K L Thorup, D R Uncles
57462Attenuating spinal-induced hypotension with ondasetron in parturients undergoing caesarean sectionJ Ogah, A Otegbeye
57543Re-laparotomy following caesarean section: a prospective case series from a tertiary centreTE Dixon, NA Tageldin, K Bhatia
68234Management of retained placenta MCD Mawathage, T Mokashi, P Kajekar, J Lam
68655Peripartum hyponatraemia: a deanery-wide surveyJ Lloyd-Evans, E Thomas, V Victor
69016An evaluation of the introduction of local guidelines and education on the incidence of moderate and severe peripartum hyponatraemiaP Mehrotra, P Chhaniyara, L J Tata, A Pillai
68317Factors influencing the likelihood of developing a post-dural puncture headache following an epidural during labourS McGowan-Smyth, C Macrokanis
57238Intraoperative nausea and vomiting following ergometrine use during caesarean sectionS Paramanathan, S Elliott, R Patel, G Stocks
69129Peripartum hyponatraemia: a regional survey of midwivesE Thomas, J Lloyd-Evans, V Victor
695310Postoperative side-effects or complications after caesarean section under neuraxial anaesthesiaGP Abela, R Irwin, T Tan

Board No 8: Risk Management

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
68891The impact of OBS Cymru on a single district general hospital  IE Roberts, I Volikas, S Bell
57872Levelling the cockpit: Co-PILOT for obstetric general anaesthesiaIT Rees, TJ Rees, J Tozer
68203A quality improvement project to establish effective and concise documented handover instructions of postoperative obstetric patientsJ Stephens, R Bedson, C Rao
68594HiVE – Human factors in virtual emergency category 1 caesarean section training: a novel use of nature in obstetric human factors trainingCM McGlennan, KL Gough
70165Using an 'appreciative approach' in the delivery suite to instigate change and improve safetyLA Beard, L Harkett, K Cullis, E Plunkett
70176Assessing patient safety culture in a tertiary maternity hospitalAN O'Donoghue, R McMorrow
58217Introduction of a 'traffic-light' guideline for obstetric neuraxial anaesthesia - when is it safe to proceed?T Baumer, O Buffin, P Richardson, M Turner
69858Length of stay and discharge delays for uncomplicated elective caesarean section within an enhanced recovery pathwayR Lawton, JLH Peycke
68779Who are you going to call? Improving awareness of the Obstetric Emergency TeamR Swan, K Arrow, M Smith
581010Giving birth to change: uniting the concepts of learning from excellence and always eventsG Crossingham, B Evans, L Hofmaier, O Ighodaro, D Mehretab, J Rivera , A Yilmaz, D Viira, F Hannon

Board No 9: Surveys

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
58191Anaesthetic consent for elective caesarean sectionMA Clayton, RL May, DN Lucas, AL Richardson
58092Partners' experiences in the peripartum periodR Alder, H Kemp, SM Yentis
68493Anaesthetic management of twin delivery - an OAA approved survey of practiceM Salman, T Alexander, SM Yentis
57424Epidural disconnection on labour ward: a case for national guidelinesR Han, L Wee, R Mangwiro
68755Intermediate-dose low molecular weight heparin during pregnancyS Kakad, R George, T Husain
69906National survey on management practices of spinal anaesthesia induced hypotension during caesarean sectionR ffrench-O'Carroll, T Tan
70247Safe administration of local anaesthetic agents in the obstetric unit - a multidisciplinary survey of practiceM Van Velze, J Tyler, F Corcoran
70228Maternal survey on the awareness of effects of nitrous oxide on the environmentC Koganti , W Musselbr , K Bhatia
57899Oxytocin extravasation during infusion in maternity units: a survey of obstetric anaesthetic leads in the West MidlandsK Blyth, J Marriott
569510Birth partner attendance for caesarean delivery under general anaesthesia. a survey of opinionsCV Taylor, MA Bewlay, R Cookson

Board No 10: Case Reports

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
68641Effect of high-flow nasal oxygen on pulmonary arterial pressures and pulmonary arterial saturations in a pregnant patient with severe idiopathic pulmonary hypertensionE Bryson, L Arrandale, N Nguyen-Lu
69132Water intoxication complicated by acute kidney injuryE Thomas, J Lloyd-Evans, V Victor
57383Recurrent bladder paraganglioma in pregnancyA Carter, R Russell
57324The use of multi-level neuraxial anaesthesia in a patient with a history of spinal tuberculosis and thoracolumbar kyphosis for caesarean deliveryR Kearsley, S Elliott, C Smith, G Stocks
57435Hearing loss during elective caesarean section under spinal anaesthesiaA J Brewster, S E Taylor, A Poulios
57686Use of high-flow nasal oxygen in acute pulmonary oedema secondary to severe preeclampsiaNL Boyer, CJC Chapman, NS Jenkins, RM Sparrow
68557Gestational thrombocytopenia due to vitamin B12 deficiency: a rare caseM Raza, T Jones, P Dewan
69038Raising awareness of hyponatraemia in labourK A Sainsbury, S Gohil
56899Subglottic stenosis in pregnancyR Russell, T Qureshi
688310Challenging management of a rare case of anti-D allergyS Wood-Gismera, S Dhileepan

Friday 15 May 2020: 08.15 - 09.15 ePoster Presentations (by board and slot)

Board No 1: Complications

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
69621A five year review of dural puncture and post dural puncture headache in a tertiary obstetric departmentS Chapman, F Watson, L Dubiel
57102A framework for assessment and management of patients with post-partum neurological problemsPV Shinde, A Roopra, A Shah
69453Maternal and neonatal outcomes of parturients using dihydrocodeine with remifentanil patient-controlled analgesiaW El otmani, K Bhatia
69744Informed consent in obstetric anaesthesia: are patients really informed?H Elahmedawy, Z Furqan, S Prakasam
68165Consent in obstetric anaesthesiaJ Pick, SG Winter, F Corcoran, A Downes
68916Audit on the incidence of accidental dural puncture on the maternity unit and potential risk factors.A Bhatia , W Ibrahim, N Hickman
69727Hyponatraemia awareness: how well do we monitor fluid balance in labouring women?C Papoutsos, K Bruce-Hickman
57908Improving assessment and management of post-procedural venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk: the experience of one district general hospital SL Scott, V Jain
69079NICE and warm on the labour wardN Varsani, SS Kanani, K Allsop, S Al-Rawi
697110Proactive epidural blood patching for post dural puncture headache provides better outcomes - our experience at Croydon university hospitalC Honstvet, S Hird, S Dhileepan

Board No 2: Surveys

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
68381Anaesthetic management of parturients with spinal instrumentation: an OAA approved survey of practiceM Salman, JA Scott, L Arrandale
69552Accidental dural puncture during epidural blood patch: what happens next?M Loy, MA Broom
69243Planned Caesarean Care: A National Survey of Provision & StaffingETC Miles, MF Gosling, NK Weale, TJ Draycott
57854Autologous cell salvage in obstetrics: A national surveyJ Davies, D Johnston, I Sullivan, C Ralph
68605Assessing the quality of information received by patients about obstetric analgesia and anaesthesiaA Allana, AJ Eldridge
68856Epidural catheter breakage resulting in catheter retention in labour analgesia and anaesthesia: A surveyAL Windle, V Nadella, BP Janardhana
69987Patient partner satisfaction survey for emergency caesarean sections.N Akhtar, R Choudhury, S Ganesh, S Dinesh
57248The presence of birth partners during caesarean delivery under general anaesthesiaM A Bewlay, R Cookson, C Taylor
69009A survey on perception of epidural on labouring women.AI Iqbal , HS Saleem, NA Akram
697010An audit of labour epidurals against NICE CG 190 to determine compliance, outcomes, and incidence of motor blockI Belford, G Campbell

Board No 3: Caesarean Section

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
69771Improving assessment and documentation of pain scores following caesarean sectionJ Wardlaw, P Chua, C Hall, O Lubeigt
68322Epidural Top-up For Cesarean Section - Can We Do Better? A Mahrous Mahrous A Mohamed, V Gopinath Gopinathan, I Bishton Bishton
69783Service evaluation of postnatal analgesia prescribing and administration in the era of the electronic patient recordA Donnelly, E Fernandez, E Higgins, A Vranescu, N Hayes
57034Surgical transversus abdominis plane (TAP) blocks - the next step in a multimodal analgesia approach post caesarean sectionV Bell, M Vrabtcheva, H Wadman, N Weale
68735Plain levobupivacaine 0.5% for spinal anaesthesia in caesarean sectionsA Uddin, K Vig, S Bhargava, A Kumar, P Tamhane, O Ojo
69286Conversion of regional to general anaesthesia at caesarean section in Singleton HospitalNL Boyer, V Ratnalikar
69307Enhanced recovery: Is it time to update our urinary catheter guidelines for women receiving low-dose epidurals (LDE) in labour?LJ Davis, P Datar, A Mills
69318A review of the effectiveness of intrathecal fentanyl for post-operative pain relief after Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS)Sameera Khaliq, Alan Gopal, Pawan Pernu, Balaji Packianathaswamy
57409Obstetric regional anaesthesia failure quality improvement projectJL Lockhart, AS Simpson
699510Impact of caesarean section prescription bundle on performance of postoperative pain managementF K Ng

Board No 4: Quality Improvement

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
69991Implementing an electronic database for facilitating obstetric anaesthetic follow-up and auditTD Cairns, E Miles, H Murdoch, N Weale, S Muddle
57672Patient information leaflets for elective caesarean sections: print or digital?L Harkett, GS Chandan, M Hipparagi, L Beard, K Cullis, E Plunkett
69083Anaesthesiologist delivering information on epidural analgesia at antenatal classes improves the quality of informed consentSS Stanescu, HM Harbison , YP Yore , DB Doyle , SI Sirbu , PP Popivanov , TT Tan
57754Developing an ultrasound lumbar spine teaching programP Surgey, K Fraser, R Stoddart
58035'Sips til sending' - a radical approach to reducing fasting times before an elective caesarean birthM Robson, R Hawkins, E Evans
69516Providing remifentanil PCA training to midwives through rapid service evaluation and implementationDR Duncombe, A Combeer, D Male, S Biswas, K Mundanda, A Thillainathan
57317Improving obstetric patient safety through the implementation of an oxytocin medication safety bundle N Ashraf, F Walsh, M Geary, B Cleary, C Murphy
69828Development of a hands-free voice activated assistant (AlexaTM) resource for pain relief in perinatal patientsI Aberman, C Johnstone, C Ravazi, J Jayarajah, J Ratcliffe, M Chan
57179Managing epidurals confidently: should there be more training for midwives?P Vadukul, S Nathoo, G Dhingra
686910Evaluation of the Accuro ultrasound device for spinal and epidural insertion in obstetric patientsBen Wooldridge, E Werpachowska

Board No 5: Blood

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57361Patient blood management in obstetricsA Grzybek, G Campbell
57772The use of fresh frozen plasma in major post-partum haemorrhagePJ Lawley, D Morland
57643Review of anaesthetic management and outcome of AIP at UHNMT Mohamed, R Akhtar
57724Use of cell salvage for elective and emergency caesarean sectionsHS Liu, H Lee, R Akhtar
57945Should higher preoperative haemoglobin targets be set for elective caesarean sections? An audit review of practice for management of anaemia in a district general hospitalE Neilly, J McDermott, V Jain
57566Review of post partum haemorrhage trolleys and drugsP Nemade, L Kessack , S Sobers
68367Iron deficiency and anaemia in pregnancy – an evaluation of our current practiceVJ Madden, I Khan, E Whittingham, M Porter
69898Iron therapy in patients with anaemia undergoing elective caesarean section in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGG&C).J Wilson Veitch, R Darling
57939Antenatal management of iron deficiency anaemia in women presenting for operative delivery: an audit of current practiceG Jayasooriya, A Walls, SJ Lam, R Gupta
572810Safety and efficacy of prothrombin complex concentrate in obstetric bleedingA Ronenson, E Shifman, A Kulikov, L Grebenchikova

Board No 6: High-Risk & Critical Care

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
57451Development of an obstetric difficult airway management trainerRE Buckley, L Hammon, AL Stanton, H Reed, F Roberts
68172A quality improvement intervention to reduce postpartum hemorrhageRA Ojo, T Christmas, J Bamber, R Mudannayake
69253Preparing for the obesity epidemic: an equipment audit and innovationJL Lambert, M Zou, NA Richards
57794A review of Critical Care Admissions in Maternity Patients in a District General HospitalShilpa Muthusamy, LR Rahman, P Tamhane
68575Optimising high BMI perioperative care - advanced vs on the spot planning? D Sumner, MA Walters
69736Maternal Cardiac Disease: Improving Care Through StandardisationF Saadat, S Pooley, J Tozer
69267The introduction of intraosseous vascular access training on labour suiteE Broadbent, L Foulds
69818Evaluation of quality of care provided in Intensive care for pregnant and postpartum women at Intensive Care Unit, Calderdale Royal Hospital, HalifaxBhavya Periyadka Janardhana, Vijay Nadella, Ross Kitson, Sharjeel Nazir
69299Does maternal admission to high dependency unit affect neonatal admission to neonatal intensive care unit?S Amer, J Gardner, N Logan, K Litchfield
696410Reducing Infection in Obstetrics - anaesthetic involvement in a multidisciplinary quality improvement projectL Harkett, K Bosworth, L Elliott, V Hodgetts-Morton, J Gray, N Johns, S Morad, E Plunkett

Board No 7: Cases 1

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
56881Post dural puncture meningitisCH Chan, L Evans, V Pattni
57652An unusual case of post-partum headacheA Ebejer, S Williams
68333A case of subdural hygroma after accidental dural punctureS Shah, S Brayshaw, F Yau
57254Unusual case of vestibular schwanomma in pregnancy: a clinical conundrumM Mittal, M Doraiswami
69185Anaesthesia for a parturient woman with type 1 neurofibromatosisS Reilly, P Kajekar, F Menezes
69586Post partum headache after epidural blood patchE Ford, W Birts, C Morris
68397Neuromyelitis optica in pregnancy: a case reportR Vora, H Elahmedawy, N Mather, A Pinder
68488Anaesthetic management for delivery in a tetraplegic parturientP Cunha, I Vieira, I Guedes, S Ribeiro, S Sacramento, C Almeida, A Silva, J P Assunção
68809Anaesthesia for lower segment caesarean section in a patient with transverse myelitis and cerebral palsyJ J Pick, M Amer, F Corcoran
696310Altered mental status during pregnancy: the diagnostic challengeA Oliviera, I Vieira, A Silva, C Almeida, J P Assunção

Board No 8: Cases 2

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
69401Peripartum management of a patient with dilated cardiomyopathyK Bruce-Hickman, M Webb, R Black, M Wikner, O Glesa
58183Should "Focused Transthoracic Echocardiography" be a point of care investigation in Obstetrics? A case reportT Rudnick, M Entwistle, D Verma
69274Peripartum cardiomyopathy: a diagnostic dilemmaA Dhadda, J Stevens, G Longobardi, I Rees, S Amin, P Richardson
69435First presentation of primary mitral regurgitation as acute heart failure in labourC Leddy, C Rush, MA Broom
69936Acute pulmonary oedema during labourR McCrystal, C McDonnell
57527Rapidly eclamptic with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndromeS M W Oram, J Butcher, M Williams
69338"PICC 'n' mix" for epidural blood patchRM Jones, M Morosan
68469Prenatal management of fetal paroxysmal tachycardia complicated by fetal hydropsM Vitartaite, J Jermolajevaite , K Rimaitis, A Macas, V Baliuliene
575910Emergency caesarean section in a Jehovah's witness parturient with sudden severe HELLP CM Mizzi, CT Turner, MW Walters

Board No 9: Cases 3

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
69381Renal obstruction in pregnancy: a diagnostic challengeRD Wassall, L Paramore, S Datta, A Denereaz, SF Bell
68372Anaesthetic management of idiopathic subglottic stenosis in pregnancyR Ellis, A Nair, N Prasad, M Walters
69923Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPSS) in pregnancyC Dalby, IG Roberts, D Leslie
69614Emergency caesarean section in a pre-term pancreas-kidney transplant recipient.S Elliott, R Kearsley, V Sodhi
69055The obstetric anaesthetic implications of syphilisO Buffin, P Bopanna
69576Local anaesthetic resistance in a patient with joint hypermobility syndromeG McCreath, J Sisk
57577A case of non cirrhotic portal hypertension: management of pregnancy and labourRebecca Janes, Usha Nair, Sonam Bi
68508Like mother like son, a case of obstetric and neonatal hyponatraemiaP Collett, A Devine, L Allman
69759Anaesthesia for a parturient with epidural lipomatosis and Ehlers-Danlos syndromeE W Rintoul, M Michail
571310Two pregnant sisters with what... The anaesthetic implications of minicore myopathyK V Bosworth, T Moody, Y Poonawala, K Hasan

Board No 10: Cases 4

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
68301A subtotal spinal: communication in a hyperacute settingE Davies, J Humphreys
57812Amniotic fluid embolism: An intra-operative cardiac arrest M Boampomaa, E Teh, L Bugeja, R Van Hoogstraten
69143Amniotic fluid embolism with multiple cerebral emboliD Sithambaram, A Eros, L Dubiel
69394Bloodless management of massive postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) with undiagnosed placenta accretaEV Kingston, S Fisher
56905Novel management of severe post-partum anaemia in a Jehovah's WitnessJM Lee, F Corcoran
68876Elective caesarean section same day dischargeE Kerr, C Slorach, H McKay
57087Spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section in a patient with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) following MRI assessmentH Llewellyn, I Volikas
68948Type 1 Chiari malformation in pregnancy - a challenge to anaesthetic management of paturientsR Dennis, S Randive
69949Unexpected severe hyponatraemia following assisted vaginal deliveryI Puddu, D Falzon, R Smith
696610Ogilvie's syndrome and bowel perforation after an elective caesarian sectionE Prusak, V Naik