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Thursday 11 June 2021 ePoster Presentations (by board and slot)

Board No 1: Original Research

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
70421Deprivation and SARS-CoV-2 in obstetric patientsRJ Kearns, AR McCallum, R Campbell, M Shaw, K Litchfield
70442Complaints analysis in obstetric anaesthesia: can we learn from Scottish ombudsman enquiries?A Cormack, F McMorrow
70663D-dimers are elevated in pregnant women with and without COVID-19 C Coomber, M Adamson, P Collins, R Collis, V Jenkins, Y Metodiev, L de Lloyd
70684ROTEM parameters during pregnancy: a meta-analysisAM Ronenson, EM Shifman, AV Kulikov, YS Raspopin
70795Association of body fluid distribution with obstructive sleep apnea in pregnant women with body mass index ≥ 40 kg/m2: a prospective observational pilot study J Wicker, CV Maxwell, K Downey, M Singh, M Balki
70846Labour epidural made saferT Al-Ani, R Agaram
71157Clopidogrel and the newer antiplatelets with a focus on regional anaesthesia: a systematic reviewM Nana, H Morgan, S Moore, Z Lee, E Ang, C Nelson-Piercy
71278Anaesthetic outcomes in pregnancy complicated by SARS-CoV2NG Verma, C Conroy, J Vanhoutte, DN Lucas, AL Richardson
71549Therapy optimization in massive obstetric haemorrhageV Sedinkin, E Klygunenko
719210Bedside haemostasis measurement and risk of neuraxial block in preeclampsiaAJ Malin, G Garvey, O Henry, J Holmes, HM McNamara
721211Labour ward theatre: insider participatory action research exploring how to enhance practitioner wellbeing CM Wood, M Chambers
721412Utilisation of sympathetic block as a modality of block assessment for caesarean section under neuraxial anaesthesia A Richardson, E Donaldson, J Wild , J Hoyle, DN Lucas
723513Allowable blood loss calculator for caesarean section: proof of conceptRCM Dunn, A Clark
725514Impact of implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery protocol in elective caesarean sectionS Choudhary, S Gupta, A Baghel, K Sharma

Board No 2: Service Evaluation

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
70301Neuraxial block monitoring after epidural analgesia for labourS Berry, J McPherson, F Pearson, A Quinn
70322Neuraxial analgesia in labour: maternal and neonatal outcomes in a tertiary hospitalAIP Pereira, DCLF Fernandes, AIA Amorim, SMCZ Zenha
70343An audit of workload and changes to anaesthetic practice during the initial wave of COVID-19 pandemicN Ledlie, S Dondapati, R Akhtar
70354The bupivacaine guessing game: variance in spinal local anaesthetic volume for preterm caesarean deliveryR Campbell, H Andrews, M Broom, M Loy
70385Characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 positive obstetric patients within one UK health boardAR McCallum, N Brown, K Litchfield, R Kearns
70396COVID-19 and obstetrics: comparing the "Waves"AR McCallum, N Brown, R Campbell, K Litchfield, R Kearns
70407COVID-19 and category 1 caesarean sections: effect of anaesthetic practice changes on maternal and neonatal outcomesAR McCallum, M Shaw, K Litchfield, MA Broom, RJ Kearns
70418Reasons for providing general anaesthesia for elective caesarean sectionAR McCallum, K Litchfield, RJ Kearns
70609Effect of ROTEM on management of abnormally invasive placentas in a tertiary referral centreJC Crofton-Martin, MJ Woolnough
706110FFP use during major obstetric haemorrhage: can we support a volume triggered approach?F A McConaghie, I Hayward
706211Improving antenatal anaesthetic assessment and dissemination of information to parturients with a high body mass indexA Dean, L Arrandale, S Griffiths, S Bourke
706412Routine use of tranexamic acid during elective caesarean section: a district general's experienceR Cross, C Murphy, C Kan
707113Anaesthesia at the extremes of obstetric haemorrhageKMA Smith, N McGuinness, R McFarland, H McNamara
708014Prevention and treatment of neuraxial opioid-induced pruritus after caesarean section in a New Zealand secondary hospitalLA Newby, KL Webster
708215Predicting post-delivery anaemia: development of the MABL tableA Connelly, V Thwaites, H Turnbull, J Neil, K Walker, A Short, T Keast, L Sweeney, A Jenkins
708516Obstetric admissions to the intensive care unit: focus on major haemorrhage and role of the high dependency unitL Al-Ani, MA Broom
708917Trainee exposure to general anaesthesia for caesarean sectionC Haugh, D Kelly, L O'Gorman, R ffrench-O'Carroll, S Smith
709018Intrathecal anaesthetic drug dosing strategies for repair of perineal tears: an evaluation of current practiceM Ince, R Clark
710019A five-year review of parturients with valvular heart disease: experience in a tertiary obstetric centreK Kalopita, J Niewiarowski, D Iyer, R Russell
711220Parturients perspective of the obstetric ward round: 2017 vs 2020DW Walker, FA Atalla, MW Wee
711321Post-dural puncture headache in a DGH: a decade after MBRRACE-UKM Gotecha, L Agocs, D Chitre
711422Improving patient safety and the way we work: obstetric anaesthetic records at Altnagelvin HospitalC Small, ROK Laird
712223"To PIE (B) or not to PIE (B)?" A prospective audit of patient controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA) efficacy for labour at a large tertiary centreA Dean, C Lloyd, O Sherwood, N Nguyen-Lu
712924Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on anaesthetic technique for caesarean sectionJ Kazda, A Jacob
713625Caesarean section anaesthesia: audit of technique and failure rate in a tertiary obstetric hospitalGG Garvey, PS Sturgess
714026An audit of anaesthetic practice and associated neonatal outcomes for category 1 caesarean sections during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemicN Ledlie, O Mohammed, S Dondapati, R Akhtar
714527Assessing and predicting adequacy of discharge analgesia after caesarean sectionG White, S Brown, P D Wild, A Clark
714728Quality of recovery following intrathecal morphine versus diamorphine for elective caesarean delivery at a tertiary centreS Ciechanowicz, M Oyewole, G Neall, N Patel
715929Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on obstetric anaesthesia: a service evaluationAA Rimmer, E Thomas, OD Thomas, D Helme, J Tozer
716630Telephone anaesthetic preoperative consultation: patient satisfaction service evaluationM Round, R Dunham, L Harkett, B Lewis, A Whapples, E Plunkett
716731Maternal, anaesthetic and neonatal outcomes in pregnant women with mechanical prosthetic valvesSR Roberts, A Naqvi, K Bhatia, L Simcox, S Vause
717032Carbetocin vs oxytocin in the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in caesarean section: a retrospective analysisV Mahinthan, A Nicklin, T Tanqueray
717633Airway assessment on the labour wardJ Sturrock, J Robertson, N Alexander
718534Evaluating outcomes for patients undergoing category 4 caesarean sections on delivery suite compared to a dedicated elective listK Makam, R Kunte
718735Time to see baby? When are mothers offered the first opportunity to hold their babies during caesarean section?EM Casely, DN Lucas
719436Factors affecting patient reported satisfaction with epidural analgesia during labour in Mayo University Hospital (MUH) and University Hospital Galway (UHG)R O'Neill, T Wall, J Costello
720937What a difference a year makes! Anaesthesia for category 1 caesarean section during the COVID-19 pandemicR Wilkinson, P Johnson, M Entwistle, HM McNamara
721538Quantity and type of social distractions in obstetric anaesthesiaM Takenoshita, E O’Kelly
721639Introducing NRFit needles for all neuraxial procedures is not associated with an increased incidence of post-dural puncture headache or failed spinal anaesthesiaN George, I Hatcher, J Broadway, G Bostock
721940Evaluation of carbetocin use during caesarean section and instrumental deliveries in the operating theatreE Joynes, I Gardner
722141Service evaluation of accidental dural puncture follow-up and outcomes in the Royal Gwent HospitalS Cassidy, K Foxwell, E Morgan
722342Modified Cappuccini: it's not just trainees who need back upM Perera, A Elkhawad, T Clewley, S Baron, S Sudan, A Medniuk
722543Retrospective review of conduct of general anaesthesia for caesarean section in a tertiary maternity unitD Kelly, C Haugh, L O'Gorman, S Smith
722744Use of video information to assist the consent process for epidural analgesia in labourM O'Riordan, A Hickey, T Tan
725045What lies beneath, then and now: comparative audit in an obstetric HDUE O'Riordan, C Haugh, P Popivanov, T Tan
725646A one-year analysis of labour epidural top-ups and failure rates for operative intervention on delivery suite J Bennett, V Jain
726147Evaluation of major obstetric haemorrhage management in a tertiary unitT Keown, CTE Groves, E Smith, F Choksey, S Quasim
726448Regional analgesia and anaesthesia for the super morbidly obese parturient NA Kennedy, A Nicklin, A Pastides, M Parisaei, SP Murray
726549The rapid rise in service demand, body mass index and medically complex pregnancies at a tertiary high-risk anaesthetic antenatal clinicA Dooley, S As-Sultany, E Djabatey
727650Assessing the compliance to an enhanced recovery after surgery for caesarean section program using protocol-determined factorsG Gormley, S Ilyas, R Hiscock, S Simmons
727751Anaesthetic considerations and outcomes in 90 pregnant women with COVID-19: a prospective observational studyO Sherwood, J Lee, A Dean, E Bryson, C Smith, K Millar, N Nguyen-Lu
727852A re-audit of epidural analgesia for labour at a tertiary maternity unitSF Higgin, K Whitehouse
728853A review of fluid balance documentation in high-risk obstetric women on our maternal high dependency unit A Sieunarine, J Lloyd-Evans, J Stevens
729454Neurological complications after epidural catheter insertion for labour analgesia: an observational study including more than 92% of deliveries in MaltaGP Abela, B Thornton, P Attard Cortis, P Calleja
730755Evaluating the introduction of intrathecal morphine for caesarean sectionLC Manser, E Gerrans, CA Battle
730956Stay home: the effect of COVID-19 on post-operative length of stay in obstetric patientsJ R Brown, I Wrench, P Sawford
731257Effect of primigravida, multiple pregnancy and mode of delivery on critical care interventions necessary in an obstetric high dependency unitJ Gardner, K Lake, N Logan, K Litchfield
731558Response time for the provision of epidural labour analgesiaC Ochukpue, S Omran

Board No 3: Quality Improvement

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
70271Challenges of maintaining enhanced recovery for obstetric surgery: five years experience at a tertiary centreM Oyewole, G Neall, S Ciechanowicz, N Patel
70372Enhanced recovery for obstetric surgery in Scotland: improving mobilisation post-spinal in elective caesarean sectionsK Morrison, R Ellis, S Cross
70513Enhanced recovery after elective caesarean sectionC Cushley, L Jordan
70524Introduction of an obstetric simulation programme to meet training needs during the COVID-19 pandemicH Moxon, K Turner, A Sawyerr, K Hamilton
70565Skin-to-skin care during caesarean section in two obstetric unitsKV Bosworth, Y Mustafa, M Aukland, A Bhat, G Kelly
70766Tackling antenatal anaemia: a quality improvement projectN Baban, C Oliver, KE James, A Robb, L de Lloyd, R Rayment, S Bell
70877A care bundle to improve perioperative care of women having caesarean section under general anaesthesia using appreciative methodologyG Crossingham, G Dalton, T Harris, R Okunola, E Phu, M Smith, A Tharmaseelan
70888Enhanced maternity care in a tertiary obstetric unit: what are we delivering and how can we improve?PM Wallace, A Ali, S Sharma, L Cohen, S Bell
70939Peri-operative analgesia for third degree perineal tear repairsRA Milton, A Kurvey, E Van Der Heiden
709410Improving anaesthetic maternity follow-up through adoption of electronic maternity recordsR Butterworth, S Todd, C Dickson
709711Administration of low-molecular weight heparin following caesarean section for the prevention of venous thromboembolismN Siddiqui, K Whitehouse
711912Managing maternal anaemia at Royal Cornwall Hospital: iterative improvements year on yearJ Beresford Davies, E Fontaine, K Sprigge
713813Re-audit of the management of blood product administration for major obstetric haemorrhageD Iyer, J Niewiarowski, K Kalopita, R Russell
718014Feedback of major obstetric haemorrhage simulation trainingR Man, S Munshi
718915Use of spinal prilocaine in obstetric anaesthesiaM Belete, A Mills
719016Local anaesthesia use on the labour wardA J Langdon, P Chakraborty, L Fruggeri
719317A new teaching programme for novices in obstetric anaesthesia: Basic Obstetric Anaesthetic Skills Training (BOAST)A Ebejer, T Newton, N Jenkins
719718Impact of coagulation result delays on transfusion practice in major obstetric haemorrhageF Breckenridge, S Woldman, R Carney, J Roberts, R O'Connor
720319Evaluation of a new pan-London virtual epidural training course for midwivesP Gaur, SJ Park, P Khadanga, G Stocks
720620Keep it simple!R Lewis, M Morosan, M Purchase
720821Relationship between remifentanil PCA usage and the Anaesthetic Topics for Midwives (AToM) course NJ Hogan, O Licari
721722Post-dural puncture headache: four year review of a tertiary maternity hospital in QatarU Mushtaq, G Massolini, S Nahid
723323Trends in rocuronium use in obstetric anaesthesia and monitoring and documentation of neuromuscular blockE Elsayed, C Robinson
724224Development of effective and safe virtual pre-operative assessment during the Covid-19 pandemic through utilisation of telemedicine: a quality improvement project in a stand-alone maternity hospitalE O'Riordan, A Hickey, L O'Gorman, M O'Riordan, M Ma, T Tan, P Popivanov
725125Enhancing multidisciplinary communication in emergency obstetric surgery during the COVID 19 pandemicFE Roberts, H Yeeles, K Marks, J Douglass
727526Introduction of a ‘Pain Medication Tracker’ to aid post-discharge analgesia compliance as part of an enhanced recovery after surgery for caesarean section programG Gormley, S Ilyas
728027Empowering midwives with arterial-line managementJ Dickerson, C Rowan, P Hartley, O Licari
728528Association between umbilical cord, maternal and neonatal sodium concentration using cord gas point-of-care analysis to expedite a diagnosis of peripartum hyponatraemiaL Carlson-Hedges, A Pillai
731129Fluid management in labour ward: aiming to improve practiceN Gautam, O Osagie, K Bruce-Hickman, K Stoddard, F Plaat

Board No 4: Surveys

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
70431Uterotonic drug use: a snapshot of clinical practice within obstetric departments in the UKR Patel, P Shinde, C Talati
70632Programmed intermittent epidural bolus protocols: an international survey of programmes currently usedC Lloyd, A Dean, N Nguyen-Lu
70913Survey of practice of anaesthesia for obstetric perineal tearsM Ince, R Clark
71064Survey of drugs used in obstetric emergency general anaesthesia in South Yorkshire Teaching HospitalsRH Hawes, R Harrold, SHARC Group, E Cromarty
71235Post-spinal patient satisfaction surveyAC Boyd, K Whitehouse, SJ Worthy
71306Obstetric epidural trolley cleanliness auditY Mustafa, Y Chikermane
71497Developing a guideline for escalation to seniors: a survey of current perspectivesK Jerram, E Tyagi
71628Rapid sequence spinal - Encouraging open minded obstetric anaesthesia in the era of COVID-19CM McGlennan, FV Menezes, YM Liu
71649Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat: what to do when the drugs don't workPM Douglass, A Mohabir, M Size
716810Anaesthesia for the pre-term parturient: a local survey of anaesthetic and obstetric practiceST Nava, LC Jordan, TN Cominos
718211Lumbar neuraxial ultrasound made easyT Al-Ani, R Mckinnon, J Sisk
718312A national survey analysing the provision of high dependency and enhanced maternal care on delivery suiteKJ Cranfield, CJ Pollard, S Cook, I Clements, K Roberts
721113Survey of current practices for stopping clear fluids before an elective caesarean birthM Robson, E Evans
723114Timing is everything: labour epidurals and anticoagulantsK Rhodes, B Madhavan
724815Assessment of patient safety culture in the theatre unit of an Irish tertiary maternity hospitalS Cassidy, A O'Donoghue, N Hayes
728316Anaesthetist experiences of interpretation services on labour wardJ Dickerson, F Breckenridge, A Primrose
729317Postoperative monitoring following neuraxial opioid administration for caesarean sections across maternity units in the Republic of Ireland: a national surveyA Hania, L Rahmani, J Smith
729918Time to improve maternity care by provision of 24-hour echocardiography services: a survey on ECHO services - recommendation versus realityRJ King, D Verma
730619ASA grading in obstetrics: too laborious to deliver?N Bargaje, V Gupta, A Patel

Board No 5: Case Reports

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
72291Acute consumptive coagulopathy in a SARS-CoV-2 positive patientG Knight, B Myers, R Banzal, R Leighton
70482Amniotic fluid embolism: a description of coagulopathyC Oliver, J Freyer, M Murdoch, V Jenkins, P Collins, L DeLloyd, R Collis
71013Peripartum spontaneous coronary artery dissectionC Armstrong, G Best, S Marcus
71314Ruptured renal artery aneurysm in pregnancyEA Lowis, M Simpson
71695McArdle's disease: case report of a rare condition in pregnancyD Iyer, J Niewiarowski
71736Facial nerve palsy following accidental dural punctureEM Casely, K Basavaraj, ECB Harty, DN Lucas, AL Richardson
72377Clostridium perfringens bacteraemia in pregnancy: haemolysis, haemorrhage, haemodialysis and hyperkalaemic cardiac arrestD Ginty, K Cranfield
72628A haemodynamic conundrum in pregnancy: severe aortic regurgitation secondary to a quadricuspid aortic valve complicated by severe preeclampsiaMW Gibbs, AM Oliveira, LD Dougall, NL Fernandes
70819Acute starvation ketoacidosis in third trimester with COVID-19JM Wong , E Fawcett, A Bevan, T Tanqueray
721310Insulinoma in pregnancyB Ordys, E Doubal, A Wise
702611Peripartum management of a patient with previous Ebola virus infectionV Thwaites, T Murphy, EC Thomson
703612Subdural haematoma formation: a rare complication of dural puncture during epidural insertionA Louis, K Upadhyaya
704713Spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section in a patient with undifferentiated intracranial lesion: importance of risk stratification in optimised managementD McDonald, M Ravindran
705414Severe maternal mitral stenosis: regional anaesthesia for caesarean deliveryA Hassan, J Neely, B Parizkova, ME Jones, JA Pickett
705515Postpartum multi-organ dysfunction: a diagnostic dilemmaP Verghese, V Sundaram
705816All that fits isn't eclampsiaE Lau, A Bunce, A Banks
707317A case of leprosy in the UKH Andrews, K Lake, R Kearns
708318Perioperative management of gestational hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis in a 37 week parturientA Prasad, A Gadre, S King
709619Anaesthetic management of a parturient with lamellar ichthyosis undergoing caesarean sectionS Mohammed, S Mungroo, M de Peiza, C Wilson
710520Emergency caesarean section for a parturient in acute respiratory distress due to COVID-19B Ong, I Luqman, U Nair, H Kapaya
712621Emergency caesarean section complicated by paternal susceptibility to malignant hyperthermiaM Watanabe, E Yarnold, P Dewan
712822Anaesthetic management of a parturient who developed acute pulmonary embolism during labourS Bi, U Nair, S Nidhanee, S Choppala
713723Unusual leg pain in pregnancy: a case report of acute compartment syndromeS Wydall, N Nguyen-Lu, K Cheesman
719124Magnesium toxicity complicating a rare presentation of severe pre-eclampsiaD Kelly, R ffrench-O'Carroll, M Ma
719625Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome: a rare case of pneumothoraxP Hartley, T Murphy
720226A fortuitous discovery from a (ante-cubital) fossa failureJ Pearson, L Swan, K Whitehouse
720527Management of coagulopathy induced by postpartum haemorrhage utilising thromboelastography in a COVID positive patient with liver cirrhosis and portal hypertensionK Joshi, A Depala, S Pandya, S Harrison, C Kidel
724128Uterine rupture in a non-labouring parturientAD Small, MG Williams
725229Emergency caesarean section at 31 weeks in an ICU patient with severe Covid-19S Eswarappa, M Agarwal, A Wills
725330SARS-CoV-2 causing septic shock in pregnancyMT Roach, S Munshi
726731Respiratory failure from COVID-19: use of CPAP with spinal anaesthesia for caesarean deliveriesAM Tiah, A Sharma, A Mathews
727132The anaesthetic management of a patient with bilateral foot drop for caesarean sectionSA Sheehy, E Theron, M Melvin
727233Postpartum subarachnoid haemorrhageE Prusak, R Dumpala
727334Anaesthetic management of a dichorionic pregnancy in separate uterine compartmentsE Chohan, J Neves
728135When the patient would rather run for the hills than encounter the anaesthetistMA Walters, A Gandhi
728436Fractured spinal needle: a rare, but potentially dangerous, complication of spinal anaesthesiaJAJ Harper, WDH Lakshman
729037Emergent acute kidney injury during labourSJ Cheuk, ME Molloy
729538Maternal cardiac arrest on labour wardM Vadher, P Corson, K Von Klemperer, B Singer, M Naik
731039Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in pregnancy: what's the anaesthetic plan?A Stout, A Wise
731440Bernard-Soulier syndrome: peripartum management of a rare bleeding disorder in pregnancyM Murnin, ME Molloy