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Thursday 24 May 2018 16.00 - 17.15 h ePoster Presentations (by board and slot)

Board No 1: Pick of the Posters

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
51861Introduction of Ferinject for use in anaemia management in a district general hospital maternity unitS Brayshaw
52042Body temperature, heat balance and skin blood flow before and after epidural extension for emergency caesarean section: an investigation of the mechanism underlying epidural hyperthermiaC J Mullington, D A Low, P H Strutton, S Malhotra
52163Round and round and back to diclofenac: an evaluation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for analgesia following elective caesarean sectionL French, R Scale, J Quinton, S Churchill, B Thomas, S Bell
52464Assessing analgesic efficacy after operative delivery: is it how you ask the question?M Davidson, KN Litchfield, M Broom
52585Gravimetric blood loss measurement after delivery and during postpartum haemorrhageM John, J Stevens, K James, P Collins, S Bell, R Collis, C Bailey, K Kelly, T Kitchen, T Edey, E Macgillivray
52996An evaluation of the use of rocuronium and sugammedex for general anaesthesia for caesarean sectionLAM Stacey, M Turner
53227Pre-operative anaemia in women undergoing caesarean sectionM Ferguson, S Jackson, AT Dennis
53288Haemorrhage risk score for patients having caesarean sectionP Kajekar, S Das, E Samuel, N Bargaje, R Salma
53619Baseline blood pressure at elective caesarean section: which reading?DGP Luther, N Wharton, SM Kinsella
539410Peripartum management of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: a case seriesK Przybyl, K Gupta, K McDonnell

Board No 2: Bleeding Problems

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52151Audit of the management of rhesus d negative women post intra-operative cell salvage in obstetricsO Akindele, S Sharafudeen, V Skelton
52262The impact of the WOMAN trial on local practiceH E Boys, J H Bamber
52603Cell salvage: can we really save blood (and money)?C Kenyon, S Mallaiah, H McNamara
52854Tranexamic acid use in major obstetric haemorrhage associated with caesarean sectionM McGarraghy, G Peters, L Lennox
52895Non-pharmacological management of major obstetric haemorrhage: are improvements being made?AJ Primrose, E McGrady, K Livingstone
53036Red blood cell antibody formation post re-infusion of cell salvaged blood during caesarean sectionO Akindele, B Davy, S Sharafudeen, V Skelton
53117Agreement between functional fibrinogen on the TEG 6 hemostasis analyzer with Clauss method laboratory assay of quantitative fibrinogen in term pregnant womenS Stanescu, M Leonard, J Close, F Guilfoyle, T Tan
53278Case series of 136 women delivering with placenta accreta, increta or percreta: a 14-year retrospective studyEML Beattie, N McDonnell, T Knight, L Nathan
53879Trends in the use of intraoperative cell salvage in a tertiary obstetric centre over eight yearsT Orr, I Wrench
541210The obstetric MABL tableA Short, L Sweeney, T Keast, A Jenkins

Board No 3: Complications

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
51971Management of accidental dural puncture during labour: a survey of UK  practiceS Pai, S Marathe, G Stocks
53192Survey of obstetric patients recollection of informed consent for regional anaesthesiaJ P O'Donoghue, T Keast, T Murphy
52193Using simulation to implement a general anaesthesia checklist for caesarean sectionA Doolan, L Dockrell, C Murphy
52284Normal (non painful) sensation during caesarean sectionS Thomas, A Looseley, N Weale
52755Horner’s syndrome following obstetric central neuraxial blockade: a systematic review of the literatureD Chambers, K Bhatia
52946Impact of introduction of enhanced recovery protocol for abnormally invasive placentation casesE Clapham, L Hammon, R Newton, M Woolnough
52057The incidence and severity of side effects following obstetric neuraxial blockade and their impact upon maternal satisfactionC J Mullington, A D Patel, S Malhotra
53348Sepsis versus haemorrhage in obstetric HDUA Taylor, S Stevenson, J Gardner, K Litchfield, K Lake
53579Risk factors of shivering during elective cesarean section under spinal anaesthesia: are there any? A prospective observational studyB Wódarski, R Chutkowski, J Banasiewicz, K Moorthi, M Malec-Milewska, G Iohom
541010Survey of post-dural puncture headache and red-flag symptoms amongst non-anaesthetic specialitiesP Mehrotra, L Maronge, N Bhandal, S Bharmal

Board No 4: Labour Analgesia

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
51961Blood tests required before labour neuraxial block: a midwife-focused service interventionTR Miller, KG Rodgers, C Gerrard
52382Comparison of caesarean section rates in patients receiving remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia versus epidural for labour analgesiaHML Saitch, SL Williams, E Lewis
52683Maternal hemodynamics during labor epidural analgesia with and without adrenalineF Haidl, C Tronstad, LA Rosseland, V Dahl
52724Double back: a quality improvement project for epidural top-up for theatreJ Sisk, K Harper, K Litchfield
53185Anyone for coffee? Suitability of beverages during labour according to calorific contentLE Friedman, R Soysa, SM Yentis
53216How do you do yours? A survey of epidural top-up practices for operative deliveryDL MacKay, J Sisk, K Harper, K Litchfield, R Agaram
53647The fall and fall of the epiduralK Slade , S Young
53748Survey of pain relief/anaesthesia consent provided for women on labour wardJ P O'Donoghue, T Keast, T Murphy
53849Risk of damage to the epidural catheter during CSE: myth or reality?M Davidson, A Jenkins, P McGahon
541410Evaluating and improving success of labour epidurals: impact of a troubleshooting guideK Harper , J Sisk, R Agaram, K Litchfield

Board No 5: Caesarean Section

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52761Impact of introducing enhanced recovery for elective caesarean section in a tertiary obstetric unit: the Oxford experienceLD MacKenzie, S Halder
53682Enhanced recovery after elective caesarean section: effect of deprivation index on analgesic requirements and length of stayM Davidson, KN Litchfield
53393POST OPS (POSTop Obstetric Pain Service): a patient-centred initiative to modernise analgesia after caesarean section JA Loughran, DE Haron, J Krawczyk, J Tozer
53434Implementing Caesarean Associated Recovery Enhancement (CARE): principles in a tertiary obstetric hospitalAJ Blair, C Crail, BE MacAfee
54065Partners' anxiety and staff perceptionsJ Small, G Brown, M Kinsella, FMM Bryden
53866Role of magnesium sulfate in therapy of preeclampsia and postoperative pain management T Ilic-Mostic, D Milenkovic, D Mostic Stanišic, J Gunjic, R Bulatovic, Z Ivankovic, A Suvajdžic
53977Root cause analysis of antenatal anaemia in patients presenting for elective caeasarean section and development of new antenatal anaemia prevention and treatment protocol with MDT involvementA Panickar, F Roberts
54018Self efficacy for personal and baby care in the recovery period post caesarean sectionC Taylor, K Lund
53159Does pain relief improve maternal satisfaction? Quality improvement project on postoperative analgesia following caesarean sectionE Werpachowska, I Qazi, S Dinesh, K Mak, S Hayden
542510Lessons learnt from implementing an enhanced recovery pathway for elective caesarean section patients.N K Chima, BJ Hearne , L Jordan , C Marsh

Board No 6: Surveys

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52121Use of sugammadex in obstetricsAD Amlani, W Birts, R Kaye
52142OAA/DAS obstetric difficult and failed intubation guidelines: awareness and impact of guidelines on clinical decision making by obstetricians and anaesthetistsC Yeow, E Blackburn, R Iqbal, A Shonfeld
52213Decision-making in obstetric anaesthesia: an assessment of variation in risk toleranceR Kearsley, K Caulfield, N Hayes
52334An OAA approved survey of handover between shifts in obstetric anaesthesiaM D Samuel, S Armstrong
52425Use of intraosseous access in obstetrics: an OAA approved national survey T Mahendrayogam , A Surendran
52536OAA survey #180: Management of unanticipated difficult airway and failed intubation in UK obstetric units following the introduction of OAA / DAS guidelines: 1 - Uptake of guidelinesHA Swales, MC Mushambi, SM Kinsella
52797OAA survey #180: Management of unanticipated difficult airway and failed intubation in UK obstetric units following the introduction of OAA / DAS guidelines: 2 - Management of failed tracheal intubationHA Swales, MC Mushambi, SM Kinsella
52568A national OAA survey of availability of services, equipment and training for the early diagnosis and management of major obstetric haemorrhageM Mehta, M Mushambi
52839Core obstetric anaesthesia: a comparison of three models of trainingKG Rodgers, T Kennedy, J Slee
532610National survey of postoperative recovery room care within obstetric unitsEML Beattie, N Logan

Board No 7: High-risk Pregnancy

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52511A review of parturients with cardiac disease presenting over a one-year period: experience in a tertiary obstetric centreA Smith, C Grange
52742Improving care for critically unwell obstetric patientsC McCue, T Quasim, M McMillan, R Kearns
52843Role of the antenatal anaesthetic assessment clinic in the management of high-risk parturients in a district general hospitalE Tam, V Nadella, R Puttaswamy, M Williams
53144Sickle cell disease in pregnancy: anaesthetic management in a tertiary institutionAE White, R Wendler, SJ Hammond
53245Ten years managing blood refusers from a high risk obstetric anaesthetic clinicL Whitefield, T Gowripalann, S Hammond, R Wendler
53386Audit of obstetric anaemia across five London hospitals with >24000 combined annual deliveriesC Kingsley, L Abeysundara, CI Donohue, C Booth, E Carpenter, A Li, C Denison, S Allard
53487An audit on the management of morbidly obese parturientsHK Parker, C Cameron, M Scrutton
53898Obstetric anaesthetic clinic: can we reduce the backlog?CL Ivermee, N El-Wahab, J Allam
54059Does deprivation impact admission to labour ward HDU?J Sisk, J Gardner, K Lake, K Litchfield
542710Impact of screening referrals to anaesthetic antenatal clinic: A complete audit cycleN Greenshields, M Stevens, C Papageorgiou

Board No 8: Safety Issues

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52361Are you HAPPY to continue? Updating our obstetric general anaesthesia induction checklistRE Buckley, M Woolnough, F Roberts
52572A hospital-wide survey exploring the definition of a central neuraxial blockade ‘attempt’JE Hammond, D Bogod, A Thorburn
52803Anaesthetic alert sticker audit: are high-risk parturients assessed in a timely manner on the labour ward?MI Robson, A Combeer
52964QI : Implementation of emergency algorithm folder for labour wardE Fisher, C Griffiths, C Hill, J Tozer
53525SAFE, SAFER, SAFEST: evolution of an obstetric anaesthetic handover toolRD Soysa, SM Yentis
53566Information provision and consent in obstetric patients receiving blood transfusion: audit cycleRP Kaur, K Aravinth, S Saha, L Oswald
53587'SAFER' handover: modified tool enhanced obstetric anaesthetic risk factor awarenessA S Bruce , A Riccoboni , M Mackenzie, A Kapuscinska
54008Is quick sequential organ failure assessment (qSOFA) useful for obstetric high dependency patients?G Brown, J Gardner, K Litchfield, K Lake
54099Improving safe handover for obstetric anaesthetic patientsG Brown, J Small, R Junkin
542010Optimising blood tests for elective caesarean sections: A cost analysisKK Kuntumalla, A Surendran

Board No 9: Service Provision

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
51881An endangered species? Numbers of lead obstetric anaesthetists over 20 yearsE Roderick, SM Yentis, T Hawkins
52182Obstetric post anaesthetic care quality improvement projectKS Reeve, C Dickinson, N Weale
52473An audit of follow-up in obstetric anaesthesiaA Kapoor, S Jajur, R Hodigere
52814Development of maternal enhanced and critical care guidelines for the Yorkshire and Humber regionD L Horner, H V Kemp
52885Signing out of maternityC Poots, M Lennox, B McCann, R Gibson, V Cherian-McIvor, R Laird
52976Prolan OASIS: Obstetric Anaesthesia Service Information System R Young, M Madden, K Spence, G Furness, G McClune
52987Development of a comprehensive obstetric anaesthetic chart  M Madden, G McClune, K Spence
53258Development of an obstetric post anaesthetic care review service S Henry, G Paul, L Martin
53519A nationwide survey of the status quo of obstetric anesthesia in AustriaP Wohlrab, C Ornter, T Schroffenegger, KU Klein, S Jochberger
536910Timing of elective caesarean sections: identifying and reducing delays on the labour ward (2015-2017)J Eady, N Wallace, J Dawson

Board No 10: Case Reports

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52091Anaesthetic management of a woman with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy for elective caesarean sectionS Jadin, P Angle, A Berndl
52352Massive intra-operative cell-salvage transfusion in a case of placenta percreta with uterine ruptureT Orr, R McNab, F Roberts
52413Oxytocin induced acute hyponatremic convulsion in a healthy parturientTG Sutton, KM Butt, UP Nair
52664An obstetric patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and local anaesthetic allergyKV Bosworth, P Rose
52675Ultrasound-assisted combined spinal-epidural anesthesia for cesarean delivery in a parturient with Currarino SyndromeHM Smith, MR Kenevan, DA Olsen, EE Sharpe
53426Severe headache following epidural blood patchC Papoutsos, E Ferreira
53557Dermal piercings: a new indication for antenatal anaesthetic referralZE Edwards, S Webb, Y Robb, DN Lucas
53628Electroconvulsive therapy for symptomatic bipolar disorder in the third trimester of pregnancyAL Richardson, R Russai, K Queenan, J Murtagh, M Whelan, DN Lucas
53709Pregnancy: the 6th 'P' for Compartment Syndrome?A D Patel, S Al-Kadhimi, V Sodhi
537910Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia protocols in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: a service evaluationS Al-Kadhimi, A D Patel, V Sodhi

Friday 25 May 2018 08.30 - 09.15 h ePoster Presentations (by board and slot)

Board No 1: Cases 1

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52701ROTEM dramatically alters the course of patient's post partum haemorrhage management.K Kelly, I Volikas, A Pleming, I Watson
53412Elective caesarean delivery in a parturient with Herpes Zoster infectionR Howle, S Bampoe, P Sultan
52273Anaesthesia for caesarean section in a parturient with massive inoperable cerebral arteriovenous malformation and raised intracranial pressureT Orr, S Jankowski, F Roberts
52204The use of high flow nasal oxygen in a woman with type 1 respiratory failure secondary to cryptogenic organising pneumonia undergoing caesarean sectionG Bose, BA Olojede, R Chandrashekar
52645Moyamoya Disease in Pregnancy:Balancing the Risks. LD Elgie, J Wong, H Farooq, S Sanapala, S Jigajinni
54176"It's music to my ears": Repeat epidural blood patch for chronic, isolated tinnitus following accidental dural puncture.S Bali, TA Tanqueray

Board No 2: Cases 2

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
53501Successful spinal anaesthesia for emergency caesarean section in a patient with phaeochromocytomaBNJ Hylton, J Li Wan Po
53462Spinal anaesthesia for caesarean delivery in a parturient with Arnold Chiari MalformationBA Olojede, R Rodgers, J Goude
53093High, higher, highest: caesarean section in a patient with Takayasu's arteritisP Gorur, M Doraiswami
51994Twin caesarean section in a patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, resistance to local anaesthetics and severe allergic reaction to propofolB Lewis, V Eli
53725Water Intoxication Causing an Intrapartum Seizure in a Healthy Parturient  H Johnston, F Plaat
52786A case of Paracetamol induced acute liver failure in pregnancyM Devine, A Eggleton, S McGuirk

Board No 3: Cases 3

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
54021Not a DVT? - You're pulling my leg!S Al-Kadhimi, A D Patel, A L Richardson
51852Major postpartum hemorrhage and massive blood transfusion with fresh whole blood in remote health center: a case report.Ramesh Bhattarai, Rajiv Shah
54223High flow nasal oxygen therapy for mother with cystic fibrosis and  acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure on Labour wardG Wallace, R James , M Molloy
52134Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a late post-partum eclamptic patientC Yeow, K Light
53955Two cases of sacral numbness after spinal anaesthesia for caesarean sectionE Wilson, C Winter
53106Spontaneous pneumothorax in the pregnant patient at term: A rare and challenging case for the obstetric anaesthetistMR Williams, A Bell, O Jibodu, SE Taylor

Board No 4: Cases 4

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
53331Liver infarction following an eclamptic seizure: was magnesium partly causative?EL Forman, CH Papageorgiou
52732Treatment of pseudocholinesterase deficiency with fresh frozen plasma after caesarean sectionC Vaiopoulos , V Skandalou, E Stamatakis, D Valsamidis
54233Anaesthetic management of a patient with Jarcho-Levin syndrome undergoing caesarean sectionJWE Chin, S Saberatnem, P Kajekar
52914Anaesthetic management of a parturient with severe pulmonic stanosis and right ventricular hypertrophy for urgent caesarean sectionV Skandalou, A Loukeri, D Valsamidis
54135Management of a parturient with Acute Intermittent Porphyria and difficult peripheral venous accessKA Zealley, I Belford, M Forster
53546Frozen suxamethonium in an emergency caesarean sectionR Sparrow, I Lewis, R Baraz

Board No 5: Caesarean Section

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
54181A prospective audit of anaesthetic technique for caesarean section in patients with labour epidurals in-situAB Callaghan, D McAtamney
52692Blood pressure measurement at the ankle with flowtron boots in situS Holden, C Taylor, K Lund
53753Incidence and safety of general anaesthetics on a high-risk labour ward.Sarra Wang, S Kirby
53654Is there a role for nasal oxygen in obstetric anaesthesia?K Slade, E Kerr, A Jenkins
53315CSE for caesarean section - is it necessary?ZE Edwards, M Raja, S Bhuptani, DN Lucas
52596Case series of transmuscular quadratus lumborum blocks after elective caesarean section to improve enhanced recovery outcomesR Howle, S Ng, D Das, E Harty, S West, S Bampoe, P Sultan

Board No 6: Surveys

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
53081Survey of trainee anaesthetists' experience of difficult airway in obstetricsE Werpachowska, C Frankling, N Osborn
52492Trouble shooting labour epidurals: developing local guidanceR Farrands, A Smith, S Williams
53813Awareness of the dextrose concentration of hyperbaric bupivacaine being used for caesarean section by Anaesthetists in Nigeria A O Durodola, O Adesiyan
52174Obstetric recovery survey in the south west of EnglandKS Reeve, C Dickinson, N Weale
53855Labour ward: How much is enough?A D Patel, S Al-Kadhimi, C Papoutsos, F Plaat
53406Who you gonna call? Anaesthetic assistance for the labour ward anaesthetist at nightN Rendell, DN Lucas, X Zhang, SM Yentis

Board No 7: High-risk Pregnancy

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
53371Management of high risk parturients with cardiac and neurological disease in a district general hospitalE Tam, V Nadella, M Williams, R Puttaswamy
52022A review of obstetric critical care admissions 2010-2017 in a tertiary intensive care centreCL Armstrong, N McLoughlin, M Molloy
53633Critical care admissions in a busy tertiary referral centreNikki Higgins, L McNulty
53054Obstetric anaesthetic alerts: a ten year reviewD Macnair
52405Service evaluation: does a multidisciplinary cardiac service in pregnancy prevent unplanned admissions to intensive care?C Onita, L Kessack, ME Jones, JA Pickett
54086Contraindication to regional anaesthesia does not influence obstetric outcome in women with inherited bleeding disorders.S Boyd, A Durand O Connor, M Horan, P Dicker, K Ryan, T Tan, B Byrne

Board No 8: Ante- & Postnatal issues

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
52771A ten-year review of referrals to an antenatal anaesthetic clinic for patients with a history of back surgery. R Alder, S Hammond, R Wendler
52542Evaluation of a High Risk Obstetric Clinic at a District General Hospital J Macrae, M Georghiou
53913Aligning expectations-improving patient education on analgesia for caesarean sectionDE Haron, J Krawczyk, JA Loughran, J Tozer
53764Evaluation of missed follow-up after obstetric anaesthesia in a district general hospitalGJ Waight, D Lake, F Iossifidis
54045Patient satisfaction for the elective caesarean section and the emergency impactAE Robinson, J Holland
52076Increase in early discharge rate for patients after emergency caesarean-section following introduction of an enhanced recovery pathway for elective casesN Tate, J Broadway

Board No 9: Service Provision

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
53901"If it ain't in writing it don't exist" Anaesthetic record documentation in obstetrics: closing the loopE Bielskute, S Kumbhare, B Kishnachetty
53122Evaluation of a newly introduced epidural serviceD Macnair
53733A review of obstetric practice trends over a 5-year period in a North West teaching hospitalS Kamalanathan, T Kennedy, P Yoxall, C Mollitt
52114An audit on epidural pre-procedural checks in maternity at Darlington Memorial HospitalA Kapoor, K Blackett, R Hixson
53475Category changes. Does it matter? S Mehrotra, B Hart, A Anoop, A Surendran
52616Accuracy of the landmark technique in spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section in obese parturients. Should ultrasound be used routinely?T Orr, A Colhoun, P Bonnett, F Roberts

Board No 10: Complications

IDSlotTitleAll Authors
53831An audit on accidental dural puncture (ADP) rates leading to a systematic approach in prevention and management of ADPA Kapoor, R Hodigere, S Jajur
54072Implementation of an accidental dural puncture management pathway.L Maronge, P Mehrotra, N Bhandal
54283Audit on risk factors, complications and management of peripartum hysterectomies during 2017 in Rotunda HospitalD Teodorescu, M Bowen
53494Major obstetric haemorrhage - a single centre experience in the UKBNJ Hylton, H Greenlee, V Betharia
52455Anesthetic management of eclampsia in remote high altitude: an audit study in 14 casesRamesh Bhattarai, Rajiv Shah
53666Evaluating peripartum fluid management in parturients with epidural analgesia and/or delivery requiring anaesthesiaLM McNulty, N Higgins