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ID Abstract Award
Coagulation factor levels during severe postpartum haemorrhage
J FM Pereira, PV Jenkins, R Collis, L De Lloyd, P Collins
Oral +IJOA
Laboratory biomarkers of severe COVID-19 in pregnancy
C Coomber, V Jenkins, R Collis, P Collins, L de Lloyd
Oral +IJOA
Going viral: enhanced recovery after planned caesarean delivery during a global pandemic
N Brown, AR McCallum, R Kearns, K Litchfield
Oral +IJOA
COVID-19, category 1 caesarean sections, decision-to-delivery intervals and neonatal outcomes
N Tageldin, F Michelotti, E Elsayed, K Bhatia, M Columb
Oral +IJOA
iChew: chewing gum to prevent nausea and vomiting after caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia
R Bowe, R Irwin, G Browne, M Harbison, S Gallen, PJ Yore, E MacGearailt, P Popivanov, T Tan
Oral +IJOA
Operator risk factors for accidental dural puncture rate in obstetrics
J Kirby, R Baraz
Oral +IJOA
High-flow humidified nasal oxygen versus facemask oxygen for preoxygenation of pregnant women: a prospective randomised controlled crossover study
PCF Tan, PJ Peyton, J Unterscheider, A Deane, L Leeton, AT Dennis
Oral +IJOA
Morbid obesity and caesarean section: the impact of BMI on anaesthesia and surgical duration
J Critchley, F Denison, M Horne, N Lone, E Wastnedge, A Wise
Oral +IJOA
A comparison of apnoeic oxygenation techniques in the obstetric population: a modelling investigation
M Laviola, A Pillai, D Stolady, R Ellis, J Hardman
Oral +IJOA
Day surgery for caesarean section: an observational study
G White, A Clark
Oral +IJOA
Peripartum management of a patient with previous Ebola virus infection
V Thwaites, T Murphy, EC Thomson
Poster +IJOA
Challenges of maintaining enhanced recovery for obstetric surgery: five years experience at a tertiary centre
M Oyewole, G Neall, S Ciechanowicz, N Patel
Poster +IJOA
Neuraxial block monitoring after epidural analgesia for labour
S Berry, J McPherson, F Pearson, A Quinn
Poster +IJOA
Neuraxial analgesia in labour: maternal and neonatal outcomes in a tertiary hospital
AIP Pereira, DCLF Fernandes, AIA Amorim, SMCZ Zenha
Poster +IJOA
An audit of workload and changes to anaesthetic practice during the initial wave of COVID-19 pandemic
N Ledlie, S Dondapati, R Akhtar
Poster +IJOA
The bupivacaine guessing game: variance in spinal local anaesthetic volume for preterm caesarean delivery
R Campbell, H Andrews, M Broom, M Loy
Poster +IJOA
Subdural haematoma formation: a rare complication of dural puncture during epidural insertion
A Louis, K Upadhyaya
Poster +IJOA
Enhanced recovery for obstetric surgery in Scotland: improving mobilisation post-spinal in elective caesarean sections
K Morrison, R Ellis, S Cross
Poster +IJOA
Characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 positive obstetric patients within one UK health board
AR McCallum, N Brown, K Litchfield, R Kearns
Poster +IJOA
COVID-19 and obstetrics: comparing the "Waves"
AR McCallum, N Brown, R Campbell, K Litchfield, R Kearns
Poster +IJOA
COVID-19 and category 1 caesarean sections: effect of anaesthetic practice changes on maternal and neonatal outcomes
AR McCallum, M Shaw, K Litchfield, MA Broom, RJ Kearns
Poster +IJOA
Reasons for providing general anaesthesia for elective caesarean section
AR McCallum, K Litchfield, RJ Kearns
Poster +IJOA
Deprivation and SARS-CoV-2 in obstetric patients
RJ Kearns, AR McCallum, R Campbell, M Shaw, K Litchfield
Poster +IJOA
Uterotonic drug use: a snapshot of clinical practice within obstetric departments in the UK
R Patel, P Shinde, C Talati
Poster +IJOA
Complaints analysis in obstetric anaesthesia: can we learn from Scottish ombudsman enquiries?
A Cormack, F McMorrow
Poster +IJOA
Spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section in a patient with undifferentiated intracranial lesion: importance of risk stratification in optimised management
D McDonald, M Ravindran
Poster +IJOA
Amniotic fluid embolism: a description of coagulopathy
C Oliver, J Freyer, M Murdoch, V Jenkins, P Collins, L DeLloyd, R Collis
Poster +IJOA
Enhanced recovery after elective caesarean section
C Cushley, L Jordan
Poster +IJOA
Introduction of an obstetric simulation programme to meet training needs during the COVID-19 pandemic
H Moxon, K Turner, A Sawyerr, K Hamilton
Poster +IJOA
Severe maternal mitral stenosis: regional anaesthesia for caesarean delivery
A Hassan, J Neely, B Parizkova, ME Jones, JA Pickett
Poster +IJOA
Postpartum multi-organ dysfunction: a diagnostic dilemma
P Verghese, V Sundaram
Poster +IJOA
Skin-to-skin care during caesarean section in two obstetric units
KV Bosworth, Y Mustafa, M Aukland, A Bhat, G Kelly
Poster +IJOA
All that fits isn't eclampsia
E Lau, A Bunce, A Banks
Poster +IJOA
Effect of ROTEM on management of abnormally invasive placentas in a tertiary referral centre
JC Crofton-Martin, MJ Woolnough
Poster +IJOA
FFP use during major obstetric haemorrhage: can we support a volume triggered approach?
F A McConaghie, I Hayward
Poster +IJOA
Improving antenatal anaesthetic assessment and dissemination of information to parturients with a high body mass index
A Dean, L Arrandale, S Griffiths, S Bourke
Poster +IJOA
Programmed intermittent epidural bolus protocols: an international survey of programmes currently used
C Lloyd, A Dean, N Nguyen-Lu
Poster +IJOA
Routine use of tranexamic acid during elective caesarean section: a district general's experience
R Cross, C Murphy, C Kan
Poster +IJOA
D-dimers are elevated in pregnant women with and without COVID-19 
C Coomber, M Adamson, P Collins, R Collis, V Jenkins, Y Metodiev, L de Lloyd
Poster +IJOA
ROTEM parameters during pregnancy: a meta-analysis
AM Ronenson, EM Shifman, AV Kulikov, YS Raspopin
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthesia at the extremes of obstetric haemorrhage
KMA Smith, N McGuinness, R McFarland, H McNamara
Poster +IJOA
A case of leprosy in the UK
H Andrews, K Lake, R Kearns
Poster +IJOA
Tackling antenatal anaemia: a quality improvement project
N Baban, C Oliver, KE James, A Robb, L de Lloyd, R Rayment, S Bell
Poster +IJOA
Association of body fluid distribution with obstructive sleep apnea in pregnant women with body mass index ≥ 40 kg/m2: a prospective observational pilot study 
J Wicker, CV Maxwell, K Downey, M Singh, M Balki
Poster +IJOA
Prevention and treatment of neuraxial opioid-induced pruritus after caesarean section in a New Zealand secondary hospital
LA Newby, KL Webster
Poster +IJOA
Acute starvation ketoacidosis in third trimester with COVID-19
JM Wong , E Fawcett, A Bevan, T Tanqueray
Poster +IJOA
Predicting post-delivery anaemia: development of the MABL table
A Connelly, V Thwaites, H Turnbull, J Neil, K Walker, A Short, T Keast, L Sweeney, A Jenkins
Poster +IJOA
Perioperative management of gestational hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis in a 37 week parturient
A Prasad, A Gadre, S King
Poster +IJOA
Labour epidural made safer
T Al-Ani, R Agaram
Poster +IJOA
Obstetric admissions to the intensive care unit: focus on major haemorrhage and role of the high dependency unit
L Al-Ani, MA Broom
Poster +IJOA
A care bundle to improve perioperative care of women having caesarean section under general anaesthesia using appreciative methodology
G Crossingham, G Dalton, T Harris, R Okunola, E Phu, M Smith, A Tharmaseelan
Poster +IJOA
Enhanced maternity care in a tertiary obstetric unit: what are we delivering and how can we improve?
PM Wallace, A Ali, S Sharma, L Cohen, S Bell
Poster +IJOA
Trainee exposure to general anaesthesia for caesarean section
C Haugh, D Kelly, L O'Gorman, R ffrench-O'Carroll, S Smith
Poster +IJOA
Intrathecal anaesthetic drug dosing strategies for repair of perineal tears: an evaluation of current practice
M Ince, R Clark
Poster +IJOA
Survey of practice of anaesthesia for obstetric perineal tears
M Ince, R Clark
Poster +IJOA
Peri-operative analgesia for third degree perineal tear repairs
RA Milton, A Kurvey, E Van Der Heiden
Poster +IJOA
Improving anaesthetic maternity follow-up through adoption of electronic maternity records
R Butterworth, S Todd, C Dickson
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic management of a parturient with lamellar ichthyosis undergoing caesarean section
S Mohammed, S Mungroo, M de Peiza, C Wilson
Poster +IJOA
Administration of low-molecular weight heparin following caesarean section for the prevention of venous thromboembolism
N Siddiqui, K Whitehouse
Poster +IJOA
A five-year review of parturients with valvular heart disease: experience in a tertiary obstetric centre
K Kalopita, J Niewiarowski, D Iyer, R Russell
Poster +IJOA
Peripartum spontaneous coronary artery dissection
C Armstrong, G Best, S Marcus
Poster +IJOA
Emergency caesarean section for a parturient in acute respiratory distress due to COVID-19
B Ong, I Luqman, U Nair, H Kapaya
Poster +IJOA
Survey of drugs used in obstetric emergency general anaesthesia in South Yorkshire Teaching Hospitals
RH Hawes, R Harrold, SHARC Group, E Cromarty
Poster +IJOA
Parturients perspective of the obstetric ward round: 2017 vs 2020
DW Walker, FA Atalla, MW Wee
Poster +IJOA
Post-dural puncture headache in a DGH: a decade after MBRRACE-UK
M Gotecha, L Agocs, D Chitre
Poster +IJOA
Improving patient safety and the way we work: obstetric anaesthetic records at Altnagelvin Hospital
C Small, ROK Laird
Poster +IJOA
Clopidogrel and the newer antiplatelets with a focus on regional anaesthesia: a systematic review
M Nana, H Morgan, S Moore, Z Lee, E Ang, C Nelson-Piercy
Poster +IJOA
Managing maternal anaemia at Royal Cornwall Hospital: iterative improvements year on year
J Beresford Davies, E Fontaine, K Sprigge
Poster +IJOA
"To PIE (B) or not to PIE (B)?" A prospective audit of patient controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA) efficacy for labour at a large tertiary centre
A Dean, C Lloyd, O Sherwood, N Nguyen-Lu
Poster +IJOA
Post-spinal patient satisfaction survey
AC Boyd, K Whitehouse, SJ Worthy
Poster +IJOA
Emergency caesarean section complicated by paternal susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia
M Watanabe, E Yarnold, P Dewan
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic outcomes in pregnancy complicated by SARS-CoV2
NG Verma, C Conroy, J Vanhoutte, DN Lucas, AL Richardson
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic management of a parturient who developed acute pulmonary embolism during labour
S Bi, U Nair, S Nidhanee, S Choppala
Poster +IJOA
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on anaesthetic technique for caesarean section
J Kazda, A Jacob
Poster +IJOA
Obstetric epidural trolley cleanliness audit
Y Mustafa, Y Chikermane
Poster +IJOA
Ruptured renal artery aneurysm in pregnancy
EA Lowis, M Simpson
Poster +IJOA
Caesarean section anaesthesia: audit of technique and failure rate in a tertiary obstetric hospital
GG Garvey, PS Sturgess
Poster +IJOA
Unusual leg pain in pregnancy: a case report of acute compartment syndrome
S Wydall, N Nguyen-Lu, K Cheesman
Poster +IJOA
Re-audit of the management of blood product administration for major obstetric haemorrhage
D Iyer, J Niewiarowski, K Kalopita, R Russell
Poster +IJOA
An audit of anaesthetic practice and associated neonatal outcomes for category 1 caesarean sections during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
N Ledlie, O Mohammed, S Dondapati, R Akhtar
Poster +IJOA
Assessing and predicting adequacy of discharge analgesia after caesarean section
G White, S Brown, P D Wild, A Clark
Poster +IJOA
Quality of recovery following intrathecal morphine versus diamorphine for elective caesarean delivery at a tertiary centre
S Ciechanowicz, M Oyewole, G Neall, N Patel
Poster +IJOA
Developing a guideline for escalation to seniors: a survey of current perspectives
K Jerram, E Tyagi
Poster +IJOA
Therapy optimization in massive obstetric haemorrhage
V Sedinkin, E Klygunenko
Poster +IJOA
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on obstetric anaesthesia: a service evaluation
AA Rimmer, E Thomas, OD Thomas, D Helme, J Tozer
Poster +IJOA
Rapid sequence spinal - Encouraging open minded obstetric anaesthesia in the era of COVID-19
CM McGlennan, FV Menezes, YM Liu
Poster +IJOA
Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat: what to do when the drugs don't work
PM Douglass, A Mohabir, M Size
Poster +IJOA
Telephone anaesthetic preoperative consultation: patient satisfaction service evaluation
M Round, R Dunham, L Harkett, B Lewis, A Whapples, E Plunkett
Poster +IJOA
Maternal, anaesthetic and neonatal outcomes in pregnant women with mechanical prosthetic valves
SR Roberts, A Naqvi, K Bhatia, L Simcox, S Vause
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthesia for the pre-term parturient: a local survey of anaesthetic and obstetric practice
ST Nava, LC Jordan, TN Cominos
Poster +IJOA
McArdle's disease: case report of a rare condition in pregnancy
D Iyer, J Niewiarowski
Poster +IJOA
Carbetocin vs oxytocin in the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in caesarean section: a retrospective analysis
V Mahinthan, A Nicklin, T Tanqueray
Poster +IJOA
Facial nerve palsy following accidental dural puncture
EM Casely, K Basavaraj, ECB Harty, DN Lucas, AL Richardson
Poster +IJOA
Airway assessment on the labour ward
J Sturrock, J Robertson, N Alexander
Poster +IJOA
Feedback of major obstetric haemorrhage simulation training
R Man, S Munshi
Poster +IJOA
Lumbar neuraxial ultrasound made easy
T Al-Ani, R Mckinnon, J Sisk
Poster +IJOA
A national survey analysing the provision of high dependency and enhanced maternal care on delivery suite
KJ Cranfield, CJ Pollard, S Cook, I Clements, K Roberts
Poster +IJOA
Evaluating outcomes for patients undergoing category 4 caesarean sections on delivery suite compared to a dedicated elective list
K Makam, R Kunte
Poster +IJOA
Time to see baby? When are mothers offered the first opportunity to hold their babies during caesarean section?
EM Casely, DN Lucas
Poster +IJOA
Use of spinal prilocaine in obstetric anaesthesia
M Belete, A Mills
Poster +IJOA
Local anaesthesia use on the labour ward
A J Langdon, P Chakraborty, L Fruggeri
Poster +IJOA
Magnesium toxicity complicating a rare presentation of severe pre-eclampsia
D Kelly, R ffrench-O'Carroll, M Ma
Poster +IJOA
Bedside haemostasis measurement and risk of neuraxial block in preeclampsia
AJ Malin, G Garvey, O Henry, J Holmes, HM McNamara
Poster +IJOA
A new teaching programme for novices in obstetric anaesthesia: Basic Obstetric Anaesthetic Skills Training (BOAST)
A Ebejer, T Newton, N Jenkins
Poster +IJOA
Factors affecting patient reported satisfaction with epidural analgesia during labour in Mayo University Hospital (MUH) and University Hospital Galway (UHG)
R O'Neill, T Wall, J Costello
Poster +IJOA
Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome: a rare case of pneumothorax
P Hartley, T Murphy
Poster +IJOA
Impact of coagulation result delays on transfusion practice in major obstetric haemorrhage
F Breckenridge, S Woldman, R Carney, J Roberts, R O'Connor
Poster +IJOA
A fortuitous discovery from a (ante-cubital) fossa failure
J Pearson, L Swan, K Whitehouse
Poster +IJOA
Evaluation of a new pan-London virtual epidural training course for midwives
P Gaur, SJ Park, P Khadanga, G Stocks
Poster +IJOA
Management of coagulopathy induced by postpartum haemorrhage utilising thromboelastography in a COVID positive patient with liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension
K Joshi, A Depala, S Pandya, S Harrison, C Kidel
Poster +IJOA
Keep it simple!
R Lewis, M Morosan, M Purchase
Poster +IJOA
Relationship between remifentanil PCA usage and the Anaesthetic Topics for Midwives (AToM) course 
NJ Hogan, O Licari
Poster +IJOA
What a difference a year makes! Anaesthesia for category 1 caesarean section during the COVID-19 pandemic
R Wilkinson, P Johnson, M Entwistle, HM McNamara
Poster +IJOA
Survey of current practices for stopping clear fluids before an elective caesarean birth
M Robson, E Evans
Poster +IJOA
Labour ward theatre: insider participatory action research exploring how to enhance practitioner wellbeing 
CM Wood, M Chambers
Poster +IJOA
Insulinoma in pregnancy
B Ordys, E Doubal, A Wise
Poster +IJOA
Utilisation of sympathetic block as a modality of block assessment for caesarean section under neuraxial anaesthesia 
A Richardson, E Donaldson, J Wild , J Hoyle, DN Lucas
Poster +IJOA
Quantity and type of social distractions in obstetric anaesthesia
M Takenoshita, E O’Kelly
Poster +IJOA
Introducing NRFit needles for all neuraxial procedures is not associated with an increased incidence of post-dural puncture headache or failed spinal anaesthesia
N George, I Hatcher, J Broadway, G Bostock
Poster +IJOA
Post-dural puncture headache: four year review of a tertiary maternity hospital in Qatar
U Mushtaq, G Massolini, S Nahid
Poster +IJOA
Evaluation of carbetocin use during caesarean section and instrumental deliveries in the operating theatre
E Joynes, I Gardner
Poster +IJOA
Service evaluation of accidental dural puncture follow-up and outcomes in the Royal Gwent Hospital
S Cassidy, K Foxwell, E Morgan
Poster +IJOA
Modified Cappuccini: it's not just trainees who need back up
M Perera, A Elkhawad, T Clewley, S Baron, S Sudan, A Medniuk
Poster +IJOA
Retrospective review of conduct of general anaesthesia for caesarean section in a tertiary maternity unit
D Kelly, C Haugh, L O'Gorman, S Smith
Poster +IJOA
Use of video information to assist the consent process for epidural analgesia in labour
M O'Riordan, A Hickey, T Tan
Poster +IJOA
Acute consumptive coagulopathy in a SARS-CoV-2 positive patient
G Knight, B Myers, R Banzal, R Leighton
Poster +IJOA
Timing is everything: labour epidurals and anticoagulants
K Rhodes, B Madhavan
Poster +IJOA
Trends in rocuronium use in obstetric anaesthesia and monitoring and documentation of neuromuscular block
E Elsayed, C Robinson
Poster +IJOA
Allowable blood loss calculator for caesarean section: proof of concept
RCM Dunn, A Clark
Poster +IJOA
Clostridium perfringens bacteraemia in pregnancy: haemolysis, haemorrhage, haemodialysis and hyperkalaemic cardiac arrest
D Ginty, K Cranfield
Poster +IJOA
Uterine rupture in a non-labouring parturient
AD Small, MG Williams
Poster +IJOA
Development of effective and safe virtual pre-operative assessment during the Covid-19 pandemic through utilisation of telemedicine: a quality improvement project in a stand-alone maternity hospital
E O'Riordan, A Hickey, L O'Gorman, M O'Riordan, M Ma, T Tan, P Popivanov
Poster +IJOA
Assessment of patient safety culture in the theatre unit of an Irish tertiary maternity hospital
S Cassidy, A O'Donoghue, N Hayes
Poster +IJOA
What lies beneath, then and now: comparative audit in an obstetric HDU
E O'Riordan, C Haugh, P Popivanov, T Tan
Poster +IJOA
Enhancing multidisciplinary communication in emergency obstetric surgery during the COVID 19 pandemic
FE Roberts, H Yeeles, K Marks, J Douglass
Poster +IJOA
Emergency caesarean section at 31 weeks in an ICU patient with severe Covid-19
S Eswarappa, M Agarwal, A Wills
Poster +IJOA
SARS-CoV-2 causing septic shock in pregnancy
MT Roach, S Munshi
Poster +IJOA
Impact of implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery protocol in elective caesarean section
S Choudhary, S Gupta, A Baghel, K Sharma
Poster +IJOA
A one-year analysis of labour epidural top-ups and failure rates for operative intervention on delivery suite 
J Bennett, V Jain
Poster +IJOA
Evaluation of major obstetric haemorrhage management in a tertiary unit
T Keown, CTE Groves, E Smith, F Choksey, S Quasim
Poster +IJOA
A haemodynamic conundrum in pregnancy: severe aortic regurgitation secondary to a quadricuspid aortic valve complicated by severe preeclampsia
MW Gibbs, AM Oliveira, LD Dougall, NL Fernandes
Poster +IJOA
Regional analgesia and anaesthesia for the super morbidly obese parturient 
NA Kennedy, A Nicklin, A Pastides, M Parisaei, SP Murray
Poster +IJOA
The rapid rise in service demand, body mass index and medically complex pregnancies at a tertiary high-risk anaesthetic antenatal clinic
A Dooley, S As-Sultany, E Djabatey
Poster +IJOA
Respiratory failure from COVID-19: use of CPAP with spinal anaesthesia for caesarean deliveries
AM Tiah, A Sharma, A Mathews
Poster +IJOA
The anaesthetic management of a patient with bilateral foot drop for caesarean section
SA Sheehy, E Theron, M Melvin
Poster +IJOA
Postpartum subarachnoid haemorrhage
E Prusak, R Dumpala
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic management of a dichorionic pregnancy in separate uterine compartments
E Chohan, J Neves
Poster +IJOA
Introduction of a ‘Pain Medication Tracker’ to aid post-discharge analgesia compliance as part of an enhanced recovery after surgery for caesarean section program
G Gormley, S Ilyas
Poster +IJOA
Assessing the compliance to an enhanced recovery after surgery for caesarean section program using protocol-determined factors
G Gormley, S Ilyas, R Hiscock, S Simmons
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic considerations and outcomes in 90 pregnant women with COVID-19: a prospective observational study
O Sherwood, J Lee, A Dean, E Bryson, C Smith, K Millar, N Nguyen-Lu
Poster +IJOA
A re-audit of epidural analgesia for labour at a tertiary maternity unit
SF Higgin, K Whitehouse
Poster +IJOA
Empowering midwives with arterial-line management
J Dickerson, C Rowan, P Hartley, O Licari
Poster +IJOA
When the patient would rather run for the hills than encounter the anaesthetist
MA Walters, A Gandhi
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetist experiences of interpretation services on labour ward
J Dickerson, F Breckenridge, A Primrose
Poster +IJOA
Fractured spinal needle: a rare, but potentially dangerous, complication of spinal anaesthesia
JAJ Harper, WDH Lakshman
Poster +IJOA
Association between umbilical cord, maternal and neonatal sodium concentration using cord gas point-of-care analysis to expedite a diagnosis of peripartum hyponatraemia
L Carlson-Hedges, A Pillai
Poster +IJOA
A review of fluid balance documentation in high-risk obstetric women on our maternal high dependency unit 
A Sieunarine, J Lloyd-Evans, J Stevens
Poster +IJOA
Emergent acute kidney injury during labour
SJ Cheuk, ME Molloy
Poster +IJOA
Postoperative monitoring following neuraxial opioid administration for caesarean sections across maternity units in the Republic of Ireland: a national survey
A Hania, L Rahmani, J Smith
Poster +IJOA
Neurological complications after epidural catheter insertion for labour analgesia: an observational study including more than 92% of deliveries in Malta
GP Abela, B Thornton, P Attard Cortis, P Calleja
Poster +IJOA
Maternal cardiac arrest on labour ward
M Vadher, P Corson, K Von Klemperer, B Singer, M Naik
Poster +IJOA
Time to improve maternity care by provision of 24-hour echocardiography services: a survey on ECHO services - recommendation versus reality
RJ King, D Verma
Poster +IJOA
ASA grading in obstetrics: too laborious to deliver?
N Bargaje, V Gupta, A Patel
Poster +IJOA
Evaluating the introduction of intrathecal morphine for caesarean section
LC Manser, E Gerrans, CA Battle
Poster +IJOA
Stay home: the effect of COVID-19 on post-operative length of stay in obstetric patients
J R Brown, I Wrench, P Sawford
Poster +IJOA
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in pregnancy: what's the anaesthetic plan?
A Stout, A Wise
Poster +IJOA
Fluid management in labour ward: aiming to improve practice
N Gautam, O Osagie, K Bruce-Hickman, K Stoddard, F Plaat
Poster +IJOA
Effect of primigravida, multiple pregnancy and mode of delivery on critical care interventions necessary in an obstetric high dependency unit
J Gardner, K Lake, N Logan, K Litchfield
Poster +IJOA
Bernard-Soulier syndrome: peripartum management of a rare bleeding disorder in pregnancy
M Murnin, ME Molloy
Poster +IJOA
Response time for the provision of epidural labour analgesia
C Ochukpue, S Omran
Poster +IJOA