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ID Abstract Award
OBS Cymru (Obstetric Bleeding Strategy for Wales): early lessons and preliminary successes
KE James, K Kelly, TL Kitchen, M John, C Bailey, T Edey, E Macgillivray, J Tozer, SF Bell, I Volikas, RE Collis
Oral +IJOA
Tremor, body temperature and temperature sensation following epidural extension for emergency caesarean section
C J Mullington, D A Low, P H Strutton, S Malhotra
Oral +IJOA
Programmed intermittent epidural boluses (PIEB) versus patient controlled epidural analgesia without background infusion for labour analgesia: effects on local anaesthetic consumption and maternal motor function: a randomised, double-blind study in nulliparous women
J Schildermans, E Roofthooft, A Barbe, N Van Dam, S Devroe, E Slock, M Van de Velde
Oral +IJOA
TEG 6 viscoelastography: a normal range in non-pregnant and pregnant controls and early in postpartum haemorhage
LRM French, SP Merrix, Z Amir, RE Collis, D James, PW Collins, PV Jenkins, L DeLLoyd
Oral +IJOA
Assessment of exercise capacity and oxygen utilisation, and the prediction of pre-eclampsia in women in early pregnancy using the Six Minute Walk Test
A Francis, L Leeton, AT Dennis
Oral +IJOA
Audio recording of consent discussions: attitudes of patients undergoing elective caesarean section
CL Ivermee, SM Yentis
Oral +IJOA
A new checklist to improve safety for emergency general anaesthesia in the obstetric population
LF Sellar, A Savva, T Cominos, E Gomm, E Joynes, N Muchatuta, H Murdoch, R McKendry, N Weale
Oral +IJOA
This is not just a high dependency unit, this is a Maty high dependency unit
J Gardner, J Jawaheer, K Lake, K Litchfield
Oral +IJOA
High flow humidified nasal pre-oxygenation in pregnant women: the HINOP1 Study
PC Tan, OJ Millay, AT Dennis
Oral +IJOA
Comparing TAP block and wound infiltration for postoperative analgesia following cesarean delivery: a meta- analysis
SD Patel, S Halpern, S Jadin, R Howle, B Carvalho, P Sultan
Oral +IJOA
Introduction of Ferinject for use in anaemia management in a district general hospital maternity unit
S Brayshaw
Poster +IJOA
An endangered species? Numbers of lead obstetric anaesthetists over 20 years
E Roderick, SM Yentis, T Hawkins
Poster +IJOA
Blood tests required before labour neuraxial block: a midwife-focused service intervention
TR Miller, KG Rodgers, C Gerrard
Poster +IJOA
Management of accidental dural puncture during labour: a survey of UK  practice
S Pai, S Marathe, G Stocks
Poster +IJOA
Body temperature, heat balance and skin blood flow before and after epidural extension for emergency caesarean section: an investigation of the mechanism underlying epidural hyperthermia
C J Mullington, D A Low, P H Strutton, S Malhotra
Poster +IJOA
The incidence and severity of side effects following obstetric neuraxial blockade and their impact upon maternal satisfaction
C J Mullington, A D Patel, S Malhotra
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic management of a woman with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy for elective caesarean section
S Jadin, P Angle, A Berndl
Poster +IJOA
Use of sugammadex in obstetrics
AD Amlani, W Birts, R Kaye
Poster +IJOA
OAA/DAS obstetric difficult and failed intubation guidelines: awareness and impact of guidelines on clinical decision making by obstetricians and anaesthetists
C Yeow, E Blackburn, R Iqbal, A Shonfeld
Poster +IJOA
Audit of the management of rhesus d negative women post intra-operative cell salvage in obstetrics
O Akindele, S Sharafudeen, V Skelton
Poster +IJOA
Round and round and back to diclofenac: an evaluation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for analgesia following elective caesarean section
L French, R Scale, J Quinton, S Churchill, B Thomas, S Bell
Poster +IJOA
Obstetric post anaesthetic care quality improvement project
KS Reeve, C Dickinson, N Weale
Poster +IJOA
Using simulation to implement a general anaesthesia checklist for caesarean section
A Doolan, L Dockrell, C Murphy
Poster +IJOA
Decision-making in obstetric anaesthesia: an assessment of variation in risk tolerance
R Kearsley, K Caulfield, N Hayes
Poster +IJOA
The impact of the WOMAN trial on local practice
H E Boys, J H Bamber
Poster +IJOA
Normal (non painful) sensation during caesarean section
S Thomas, A Looseley, N Weale
Poster +IJOA
An OAA approved survey of handover between shifts in obstetric anaesthesia
M D Samuel, S Armstrong
Poster +IJOA
Massive intra-operative cell-salvage transfusion in a case of placenta percreta with uterine rupture
T Orr, R McNab, F Roberts
Poster +IJOA
Are you HAPPY to continue? Updating our obstetric general anaesthesia induction checklist
RE Buckley, M Woolnough, F Roberts
Poster +IJOA
Comparison of caesarean section rates in patients receiving remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia versus epidural for labour analgesia
HML Saitch, SL Williams, E Lewis
Poster +IJOA
Oxytocin induced acute hyponatremic convulsion in a healthy parturient
TG Sutton, KM Butt, UP Nair
Poster +IJOA
Use of intraosseous access in obstetrics: an OAA approved national survey 
T Mahendrayogam , A Surendran
Poster +IJOA
Assessing analgesic efficacy after operative delivery: is it how you ask the question?
M Davidson, KN Litchfield, M Broom
Poster +IJOA
An audit of follow-up in obstetric anaesthesia
A Kapoor, S Jajur, R Hodigere
Poster +IJOA
A review of parturients with cardiac disease presenting over a one-year period: experience in a tertiary obstetric centre
A Smith, C Grange
Poster +IJOA
OAA survey #180: Management of unanticipated difficult airway and failed intubation in UK obstetric units following the introduction of OAA / DAS guidelines: 1 - Uptake of guidelines
HA Swales, MC Mushambi, SM Kinsella
Poster +IJOA
A national OAA survey of availability of services, equipment and training for the early diagnosis and management of major obstetric haemorrhage
M Mehta, M Mushambi
Poster +IJOA
A hospital-wide survey exploring the definition of a central neuraxial blockade ‘attempt’
JE Hammond, D Bogod, A Thorburn
Poster +IJOA
Gravimetric blood loss measurement after delivery and during postpartum haemorrhage
M John, J Stevens, K James, P Collins, S Bell, R Collis, C Bailey, K Kelly, T Kitchen, T Edey, E Macgillivray
Poster +IJOA
Cell salvage: can we really save blood (and money)?
C Kenyon, S Mallaiah, H McNamara
Poster +IJOA
An obstetric patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and local anaesthetic allergy
KV Bosworth, P Rose
Poster +IJOA
Ultrasound-assisted combined spinal-epidural anesthesia for cesarean delivery in a parturient with Currarino Syndrome
HM Smith, MR Kenevan, DA Olsen, EE Sharpe
Poster +IJOA
Maternal hemodynamics during labor epidural analgesia with and without adrenaline
F Haidl, C Tronstad, LA Rosseland, V Dahl
Poster +IJOA
Double back: a quality improvement project for epidural top-up for theatre
J Sisk, K Harper, K Litchfield
Poster +IJOA
Improving care for critically unwell obstetric patients
C McCue, T Quasim, M McMillan, R Kearns
Poster +IJOA
Horner’s syndrome following obstetric central neuraxial blockade: a systematic review of the literature
D Chambers, K Bhatia
Poster +IJOA
Impact of introducing enhanced recovery for elective caesarean section in a tertiary obstetric unit: the Oxford experience
LD MacKenzie, S Halder
Poster +IJOA
OAA survey #180: Management of unanticipated difficult airway and failed intubation in UK obstetric units following the introduction of OAA / DAS guidelines: 2 - Management of failed tracheal intubation
HA Swales, MC Mushambi, SM Kinsella
Poster +IJOA
Anaesthetic alert sticker audit: are high-risk parturients assessed in a timely manner on the labour ward?
MI Robson, A Combeer
Poster +IJOA
Development of maternal enhanced and critical care guidelines for the Yorkshire and Humber region
D L Horner, H V Kemp
Poster +IJOA
Core obstetric anaesthesia: a comparison of three models of training
KG Rodgers, T Kennedy, J Slee
Poster +IJOA
Role of the antenatal anaesthetic assessment clinic in the management of high-risk parturients in a district general hospital
E Tam, V Nadella, R Puttaswamy, M Williams
Poster +IJOA
Tranexamic acid use in major obstetric haemorrhage associated with caesarean section
M McGarraghy, G Peters, L Lennox
Poster +IJOA
Signing out of maternity
C Poots, M Lennox, B McCann, R Gibson, V Cherian-McIvor, R Laird
Poster +IJOA
Non-pharmacological management of major obstetric haemorrhage: are improvements being made?
AJ Primrose, E McGrady, K Livingstone
Poster +IJOA
Impact of introduction of enhanced recovery protocol for abnormally invasive placentation cases
E Clapham, L Hammon, R Newton, M Woolnough
Poster +IJOA
QI : Implementation of emergency algorithm folder for labour ward
E Fisher, C Griffiths, C Hill, J Tozer
Poster +IJOA
Prolan OASIS: Obstetric Anaesthesia Service Information System 
R Young, M Madden, K Spence, G Furness, G McClune
Poster +IJOA
Development of a comprehensive obstetric anaesthetic chart  
M Madden, G McClune, K Spence
Poster +IJOA
An evaluation of the use of rocuronium and sugammedex for general anaesthesia for caesarean section
LAM Stacey, M Turner
Poster +IJOA
Red blood cell antibody formation post re-infusion of cell salvaged blood during caesarean section
O Akindele, B Davy, S Sharafudeen, V Skelton
Poster +IJOA
Agreement between functional fibrinogen on the TEG 6 hemostasis analyzer with Clauss method laboratory assay of quantitative fibrinogen in term pregnant women
S Stanescu, M Leonard, J Close, F Guilfoyle, T Tan
Poster +IJOA
Sickle cell disease in pregnancy: anaesthetic management in a tertiary institution
AE White, R Wendler, SJ Hammond
Poster +IJOA
Does pain relief improve maternal satisfaction? Quality improvement project on postoperative analgesia following caesarean section
E Werpachowska, I Qazi, S Dinesh, K Mak, S Hayden
Poster +IJOA
Anyone for coffee? Suitability of beverages during labour according to calorific content
LE Friedman, R Soysa, SM Yentis
Poster +IJOA
Survey of obstetric patients recollection of informed consent for regional anaesthesia
J P O'Donoghue, T Keast, T Murphy
Poster +IJOA
How do you do yours? A survey of epidural top-up practices for operative delivery
DL MacKay, J Sisk, K Harper, K Litchfield, R Agaram
Poster +IJOA
Pre-operative anaemia in women undergoing caesarean section
M Ferguson, S Jackson, AT Dennis
Poster +IJOA
Ten years managing blood refusers from a high risk obstetric anaesthetic clinic
L Whitefield, T Gowripalann, S Hammond, R Wendler
Poster +IJOA
Development of an obstetric post anaesthetic care review service 
S Henry, G Paul, L Martin
Poster +IJOA
National survey of postoperative recovery room care within obstetric units
EML Beattie, N Logan
Poster +IJOA
Case series of 136 women delivering with placenta accreta, increta or percreta: a 14-year retrospective study
EML Beattie, N McDonnell, T Knight, L Nathan
Poster +IJOA
Haemorrhage risk score for patients having caesarean section
P Kajekar, S Das, E Samuel, N Bargaje, R Salma
Poster +IJOA
Sepsis versus haemorrhage in obstetric HDU
A Taylor, S Stevenson, J Gardner, K Litchfield, K Lake
Poster +IJOA
Audit of obstetric anaemia across five London hospitals with >24000 combined annual deliveries
C Kingsley, L Abeysundara, CI Donohue, C Booth, E Carpenter, A Li, C Denison, S Allard
Poster +IJOA
POST OPS (POSTop Obstetric Pain Service): a patient-centred initiative to modernise analgesia after caesarean section 
JA Loughran, DE Haron, J Krawczyk, J Tozer
Poster +IJOA
Severe headache following epidural blood patch
C Papoutsos, E Ferreira
Poster +IJOA
Implementing Caesarean Associated Recovery Enhancement (CARE): principles in a tertiary obstetric hospital
AJ Blair, C Crail, BE MacAfee
Poster +IJOA
An audit on the management of morbidly obese parturients
HK Parker, C Cameron, M Scrutton
Poster +IJOA
A nationwide survey of the status quo of obstetric anesthesia in Austria
P Wohlrab, C Ornter, T Schroffenegger, KU Klein, S Jochberger
Poster +IJOA
SAFE, SAFER, SAFEST: evolution of an obstetric anaesthetic handover tool
RD Soysa, SM Yentis
Poster +IJOA
Dermal piercings: a new indication for antenatal anaesthetic referral
ZE Edwards, S Webb, Y Robb, DN Lucas
Poster +IJOA
Information provision and consent in obstetric patients receiving blood transfusion: audit cycle
RP Kaur, K Aravinth, S Saha, L Oswald
Poster +IJOA
Risk factors of shivering during elective cesarean section under spinal anaesthesia: are there any? A prospective observational study
B Wódarski, R Chutkowski, J Banasiewicz, K Moorthi, M Malec-Milewska, G Iohom
Poster +IJOA
'SAFER' handover: modified tool enhanced obstetric anaesthetic risk factor awareness
A S Bruce , A Riccoboni , M Mackenzie, A Kapuscinska
Poster +IJOA
Baseline blood pressure at elective caesarean section: which reading?
DGP Luther, N Wharton, SM Kinsella
Poster +IJOA
Electroconvulsive therapy for symptomatic bipolar disorder in the third trimester of pregnancy
AL Richardson, R Russai, K Queenan, J Murtagh, M Whelan, DN Lucas
Poster +IJOA
The fall and fall of the epidural
K Slade , S Young
Poster +IJOA
Enhanced recovery after elective caesarean section: effect of deprivation index on analgesic requirements and length of stay
M Davidson, KN Litchfield
Poster +IJOA
Timing of elective caesarean sections: identifying and reducing delays on the labour ward (2015-2017)
J Eady, N Wallace, J Dawson
Poster +IJOA
Pregnancy: the 6th 'P' for Compartment Syndrome?
A D Patel, S Al-Kadhimi, V Sodhi
Poster +IJOA
Survey of pain relief/anaesthesia consent provided for women on labour ward
J P O'Donoghue, T Keast, T Murphy
Poster +IJOA
Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia protocols in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: a service evaluation
S Al-Kadhimi, A D Patel, V Sodhi
Poster +IJOA
Risk of damage to the epidural catheter during CSE: myth or reality?
M Davidson, A Jenkins, P McGahon
Poster +IJOA
Role of magnesium sulfate in therapy of preeclampsia and postoperative pain management 
T Ilic-Mostic, D Milenkovic, D Mostic Stanišic, J Gunjic, R Bulatovic, Z Ivankovic, A Suvajdžic
Poster +IJOA
Trends in the use of intraoperative cell salvage in a tertiary obstetric centre over eight years
T Orr, I Wrench
Poster +IJOA
Obstetric anaesthetic clinic: can we reduce the backlog?
CL Ivermee, N El-Wahab, J Allam
Poster +IJOA
Peripartum management of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: a case series
K Przybyl, K Gupta, K McDonnell
Poster +IJOA
Root cause analysis of antenatal anaemia in patients presenting for elective caeasarean section and development of new antenatal anaemia prevention and treatment protocol with MDT involvement
A Panickar, F Roberts
Poster +IJOA
Is quick sequential organ failure assessment (qSOFA) useful for obstetric high dependency patients?
G Brown, J Gardner, K Litchfield, K Lake
Poster +IJOA
Self efficacy for personal and baby care in the recovery period post caesarean section
C Taylor, K Lund
Poster +IJOA
Does deprivation impact admission to labour ward HDU?
J Sisk, J Gardner, K Lake, K Litchfield
Poster +IJOA
Partners' anxiety and staff perceptions
J Small, G Brown, M Kinsella, FMM Bryden
Poster +IJOA
Improving safe handover for obstetric anaesthetic patients
G Brown, J Small, R Junkin
Poster +IJOA
Survey of post-dural puncture headache and red-flag symptoms amongst non-anaesthetic specialities
P Mehrotra, L Maronge, N Bhandal, S Bharmal
Poster +IJOA
The obstetric MABL table
A Short, L Sweeney, T Keast, A Jenkins
Poster +IJOA
Evaluating and improving success of labour epidurals: impact of a troubleshooting guide
K Harper , J Sisk, R Agaram, K Litchfield
Poster +IJOA
Optimising blood tests for elective caesarean sections: A cost analysis
KK Kuntumalla, A Surendran
Poster +IJOA
Lessons learnt from implementing an enhanced recovery pathway for elective caesarean section patients.
N K Chima, BJ Hearne , L Jordan , C Marsh
Poster +IJOA
Impact of screening referrals to anaesthetic antenatal clinic: A complete audit cycle
N Greenshields, M Stevens, C Papageorgiou
Poster +IJOA
Major postpartum hemorrhage and massive blood transfusion with fresh whole blood in remote health center: a case report.
Ramesh Bhattarai, Rajiv Shah
Poster Non IJOA
Twin caesarean section in a patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, resistance to local anaesthetics and severe allergic reaction to propofol
B Lewis, V Eli
Poster Non IJOA
A review of obstetric critical care admissions 2010-2017 in a tertiary intensive care centre
CL Armstrong, N McLoughlin, M Molloy
Poster Non IJOA
Increase in early discharge rate for patients after emergency caesarean-section following introduction of an enhanced recovery pathway for elective cases
N Tate, J Broadway
Poster Non IJOA
An audit on epidural pre-procedural checks in maternity at Darlington Memorial Hospital
A Kapoor, K Blackett, R Hixson
Poster Non IJOA
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a late post-partum eclamptic patient
C Yeow, K Light
Poster Non IJOA
Obstetric recovery survey in the south west of England
KS Reeve, C Dickinson, N Weale
Poster Non IJOA
The use of high flow nasal oxygen in a woman with type 1 respiratory failure secondary to cryptogenic organising pneumonia undergoing caesarean section
G Bose, BA Olojede, R Chandrashekar
Poster Non IJOA
Anaesthesia for caesarean section in a parturient with massive inoperable cerebral arteriovenous malformation and raised intracranial pressure
T Orr, S Jankowski, F Roberts
Poster Non IJOA
Service evaluation: does a multidisciplinary cardiac service in pregnancy prevent unplanned admissions to intensive care?
C Onita, L Kessack, ME Jones, JA Pickett
Poster Non IJOA
Anesthetic management of eclampsia in remote high altitude: an audit study in 14 cases
Ramesh Bhattarai, Rajiv Shah
Poster Non IJOA
Trouble shooting labour epidurals: developing local guidance
R Farrands, A Smith, S Williams
Poster Non IJOA
Evaluation of a High Risk Obstetric Clinic at a District General Hospital 
J Macrae, M Georghiou
Poster Non IJOA
Case series of transmuscular quadratus lumborum blocks after elective caesarean section to improve enhanced recovery outcomes
R Howle, S Ng, D Das, E Harty, S West, S Bampoe, P Sultan
Poster Non IJOA
Accuracy of the landmark technique in spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section in obese parturients. Should ultrasound be used routinely?
T Orr, A Colhoun, P Bonnett, F Roberts
Poster Non IJOA
Moyamoya Disease in Pregnancy:Balancing the Risks. 
LD Elgie, J Wong, H Farooq, S Sanapala, S Jigajinni
Poster Non IJOA
Blood pressure measurement at the ankle with flowtron boots in situ
S Holden, C Taylor, K Lund
Poster Non IJOA
ROTEM dramatically alters the course of patient's post partum haemorrhage management.
K Kelly, I Volikas, A Pleming, I Watson
Poster Non IJOA
Treatment of pseudocholinesterase deficiency with fresh frozen plasma after caesarean section
C Vaiopoulos , V Skandalou, E Stamatakis, D Valsamidis
Poster Non IJOA
A ten-year review of referrals to an antenatal anaesthetic clinic for patients with a history of back surgery. 
R Alder, S Hammond, R Wendler
Poster Non IJOA
A case of Paracetamol induced acute liver failure in pregnancy
M Devine, A Eggleton, S McGuirk
Poster Non IJOA
Anaesthetic management of a parturient with severe pulmonic stanosis and right ventricular hypertrophy for urgent caesarean section
V Skandalou, A Loukeri, D Valsamidis
Poster Non IJOA
Obstetric anaesthetic alerts: a ten year review
D Macnair
Poster Non IJOA
Survey of trainee anaesthetists' experience of difficult airway in obstetrics
E Werpachowska, C Frankling, N Osborn
Poster Non IJOA
High, higher, highest: caesarean section in a patient with Takayasu's arteritis
P Gorur, M Doraiswami
Poster Non IJOA
Spontaneous pneumothorax in the pregnant patient at term: A rare and challenging case for the obstetric anaesthetist
MR Williams, A Bell, O Jibodu, SE Taylor
Poster Non IJOA
Evaluation of a newly introduced epidural service
D Macnair
Poster Non IJOA
CSE for caesarean section - is it necessary?
ZE Edwards, M Raja, S Bhuptani, DN Lucas
Poster Non IJOA
Liver infarction following an eclamptic seizure: was magnesium partly causative?
EL Forman, CH Papageorgiou
Poster Non IJOA
Management of high risk parturients with cardiac and neurological disease in a district general hospital
E Tam, V Nadella, M Williams, R Puttaswamy
Poster Non IJOA
Who you gonna call? Anaesthetic assistance for the labour ward anaesthetist at night
N Rendell, DN Lucas, X Zhang, SM Yentis
Poster Non IJOA
Elective caesarean delivery in a parturient with Herpes Zoster infection
R Howle, S Bampoe, P Sultan
Poster Non IJOA
Spinal anaesthesia for caesarean delivery in a parturient with Arnold Chiari Malformation
BA Olojede, R Rodgers, J Goude
Poster Non IJOA
Category changes. Does it matter? 
S Mehrotra, B Hart, A Anoop, A Surendran
Poster Non IJOA
Major obstetric haemorrhage - a single centre experience in the UK
BNJ Hylton, H Greenlee, V Betharia
Poster Non IJOA
Successful spinal anaesthesia for emergency caesarean section in a patient with phaeochromocytoma
BNJ Hylton, J Li Wan Po
Poster Non IJOA
Frozen suxamethonium in an emergency caesarean section
R Sparrow, I Lewis, R Baraz
Poster Non IJOA
Critical care admissions in a busy tertiary referral centre
Nikki Higgins, L McNulty
Poster Non IJOA
Is there a role for nasal oxygen in obstetric anaesthesia?
K Slade, E Kerr, A Jenkins
Poster Non IJOA
Evaluating peripartum fluid management in parturients with epidural analgesia and/or delivery requiring anaesthesia
LM McNulty, N Higgins
Poster Non IJOA
Water Intoxication Causing an Intrapartum Seizure in a Healthy Parturient  
H Johnston, F Plaat
Poster Non IJOA
A review of obstetric practice trends over a 5-year period in a North West teaching hospital
S Kamalanathan, T Kennedy, P Yoxall, C Mollitt
Poster Non IJOA
Incidence and safety of general anaesthetics on a high-risk labour ward.
Sarra Wang, S Kirby
Poster Non IJOA
Evaluation of missed follow-up after obstetric anaesthesia in a district general hospital
GJ Waight, D Lake, F Iossifidis
Poster Non IJOA
Awareness of the dextrose concentration of hyperbaric bupivacaine being used for caesarean section by Anaesthetists in Nigeria
A O Durodola, O Adesiyan
Poster Non IJOA
An audit on accidental dural puncture (ADP) rates leading to a systematic approach in prevention and management of ADP
A Kapoor, R Hodigere, S Jajur
Poster Non IJOA
Labour ward: How much is enough?
A D Patel, S Al-Kadhimi, C Papoutsos, F Plaat
Poster Non IJOA
"If it ain't in writing it don't exist" Anaesthetic record documentation in obstetrics: closing the loop
E Bielskute, S Kumbhare, B Kishnachetty
Poster Non IJOA
Aligning expectations-improving patient education on analgesia for caesarean section
DE Haron, J Krawczyk, JA Loughran, J Tozer
Poster Non IJOA
Two cases of sacral numbness after spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section
E Wilson, C Winter
Poster Non IJOA
Not a DVT? - You're pulling my leg!
S Al-Kadhimi, A D Patel, A L Richardson
Poster Non IJOA
Patient satisfaction for the elective caesarean section and the emergency impact
AE Robinson, J Holland
Poster Non IJOA
Implementation of an accidental dural puncture management pathway.
L Maronge, P Mehrotra, N Bhandal
Poster Non IJOA
Contraindication to regional anaesthesia does not influence obstetric outcome in women with inherited bleeding disorders.
S Boyd, A Durand O Connor, M Horan, P Dicker, K Ryan, T Tan, B Byrne
Poster Non IJOA
Management of a parturient with Acute Intermittent Porphyria and difficult peripheral venous access
KA Zealley, I Belford, M Forster
Poster Non IJOA
"It's music to my ears": Repeat epidural blood patch for chronic, isolated tinnitus following accidental dural puncture.
S Bali, TA Tanqueray
Poster Non IJOA
A prospective audit of anaesthetic technique for caesarean section in patients with labour epidurals in-situ
AB Callaghan, D McAtamney
Poster Non IJOA
High flow nasal oxygen therapy for mother with cystic fibrosis and  acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure on Labour ward
G Wallace, R James , M Molloy
Poster Non IJOA
Anaesthetic management of a patient with Jarcho-Levin syndrome undergoing caesarean section
JWE Chin, S Saberatnem, P Kajekar
Poster Non IJOA
Audit on risk factors, complications and management of peripartum hysterectomies during 2017 in Rotunda Hospital
D Teodorescu, M Bowen
Poster Non IJOA